The Recent Iranian Nuke Deal Is Cancer


HEAR ME OUT: The nuke deal America and some other Western nations made with Iran is entirely nothing but cancer for humanity, and the treaty needs to be incinerated NOW, and I am going to pile up the evidence right now:

The Case Against the Iran Deal

Exhibit A: Iran has been obsessed on being a danger to the US since their religious Nationalist Revolution

The evidence for Iran having been a grave danger to the rest of the world around it since 1979 is irrefutable and overwhelming:

  1. Iranian Revolution ideology, Shia Islamic Nationalism, is absolutely not an ideology of peace and love.
  2. Islamic Nationalism, like all religious Nationalisms, is an ideology of forcing an organized religion onto people through a long array of violent crimes and other malum in se behaviors
  3. The result of the Iranian Revolution was and is not the sparkly wonderland of fairies and unicorns that hipsters, progressives, Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders act like it was and is. This ‘sparkly wonderland’ tangent is a satirical metaphor by the way. Just letting people know since with social media tones are more difficult to hear out vs speaking to each other in person. As I was saying, instead the result was a brutal tyranny that thinks humans of every age are disposal people unless they take a puritanical approach to the Shia edition of the Koran.
  4. The Iranian Revolution has also resulted in Iran becoming the number one State Sponsor of Terror for Shia Nationalist Guerrillas like Hizbollah, much like Saudi Arabia was and is the world leader in sponsoring Non-Aggression Principle violations by Sunni Nationalist Guerrillas like ISIS and Al-Qaeda as of the middle 1970’s.

Exhibit B: Iran is a very brutal tyranny that does not care about anyone but the Shia Koran’s version of the God of Abraham, who is a fictional character like all gods are.

The evidence that Iran is an extremely brutal tyranny is long and not at all refutable. Here it is right now:

  1. Back in 2009 Most Iranian dissidents protested Iran’s fraudulent election results peacefully, but a few here and there did not. The Iranian regime’s response was basically Iran proudly and happily showing off a callous disregard for human life and for human integrity.
  2. Iran has proven IN ITS BEHAVIOR to believe that younger teenagers are somehow disposable people, which they are absolutely not by the way.
  3. Iran acts like prisoners are somehow not human beings, that they are just ballistic gel busts
  4. In short, Wikipedia compiles 254 pieces of evidence that Iran views the human being as worthless property of the Shia version of Allah.

Exhibit C: Iran is very known for Sponsoring Shia Nationalist acts of malum in se world wide

Evidence for this claim:

  1. Iran remains the number one backer on Earth of Shia Nationalist militias
  2. Iran revels in kidnapping innocent American individuals
  3. Iran has no interest in doing anything with religious Nationalists other than training them in guerrilla warfare.

Toss the treaty into a fireplace

Iran is not going to honor the tenets of the nuclear treaty, says Iranian History Since 1979. The treaty is basically something that might as well have been written in disappearing ink:

  • No Treaty is going to make Iran cancel its worldwide Shia Nationalist tyranny ambitions
  • Only scorched earth warfare against Iran’s government and military and against the guerrillas they sponsor can cancel Iran’s world tyranny plans, and even then only if No Quarter is given to the government and military of that so-called ‘human’ nation.


The above bullet points are facts, and this entire post is composed of links to the official facts. Remember: Feel Good has nothing to do with Do Good when national defense and national independence are the topic, especially when it comes to resisting religious Nationalism. Thanks for the read,



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