US Federal Politicians Dishonor International Women’s Day


Vastly happy international women’s day to all of you, women of the world. Says this individualist-natured guy with a colossal crush on blue-eyed brunettes. I have ultimate respect for all the women I come across as human beings, regardless of eye color, hair color, anything. In particular I maintain utmost respect for women who stand on individual principle and ignore all questions of trendiness.

I have seen women achieve much in many fields. For example, in the field of foreign policy, many women have passed the physical tests required to be passed in order to become Marines, US Rangers, or other US Military troop types. Ladies of the US Military, this post is dedicated to you and I very much have undying remorse to inform you that US Politicians prove in their putrid taste in friends and in its addiction to Far-Left lies to not have any respect for you.

Politicians See the Woman-abuser Saudi Arabia as a ‘friend’

So, US Congress keeps America ‘friends’ with Saudi Arabia, the top sponsor on Earth of Sunni Nationalism, the nationalism that puts ISIS, the Taliban, and other nationalist militias up to extremely heinous acts of Misogyny-motivated violence. Congress intensifies friendship with this nation, selling it weapons and buying its oil, while it uses these gains to build its evil Salafi Empire.

Politicians See the Woman-abuser Iran as worthy of a ‘peace’ making deal

Good god, I feel filthy knowing this about US politicians and their worship of dishonoring women of the human species:

  • Congress and the Presidential cabinet ignore Iran’s callous disregard for female sovereignty
  • And then these two entities went and made a nuclear energy deal that did not require Iran to do anything to prove it is being peaceful with its intent
  • [face palm]


I almost fully regret doing this post, but once again I am a critical thinker who perceives a need to always bring the truth to all those I can respect for any particular reason. US women and women of the rest of the world, don’t mind my ‘president’ or my ‘congress’. They don’t support World Women’s Day. I very readily do. I actually have principle that drives me to zealously and fanatically oppose misogyny at every turn, unlike most of my nation’s Feds. Thank you ladies, and again: Very happy Women’s day to any women who know me, whether personally or not;



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