Health Insurance vs Free Market Health Care


Today, I signed a petition to a pet insurance company demanding them to a better job with their insuring. It really made me ponder something I have already been thinking over: The non-compatibility of Health Insurance with legitimate health care policy.

Legit Medical Policy to me

Free-market healthcare

I support a health care policy that has patients buying their medical items and services directly from medical experts such as doctors and nurse-practitioners after freely setting a price by mutually agreeing on what price makes sense to both parties. I support health care wherein supply and demand is not hampered by government regulation or by health insurance monopoly. The latter will be the focus of this post.

My Solution offer: Abolish the Concept of Health ‘Insurance’

As far as I can tell from observation, and as someone who had to go to a hospital that’s affiliated with my workplace over my left leg twisting in my workplace, I can share with you from this experience that health insurance should not be an institution:

  • I accidentally twisted my left leg on my way to help other customers elsewhere in the front end of my workplace. Even though it fixed itself the second it twisted, I had to go to a hospital and my “insurance” saw to it I would need to follow up with a second appointment about the same incident. I went for follow up and, well… thank you health insurance for insuring that a giant crowd of fellow patients at the time stopped me from getting to the follow-up I needed to get to.

Health insurance, I say, should not exist….


….if health insurance did not exist, if free-market health care existed in its place, would any of you reading this invent it? Would any of you be all like, “Oh, this medical items and services thing is so beneficial, I cannot just work out with my doctor a legit price I have to get government and/or corporations controlling every aspect of medicinal policy in my nation!”, any of you?

Health insurance in general, as far as I can tell, makes health care extremely aggravating to wait for given long waits in crowded waiting rooms.

Health care should be addressed by patients going to their doctors about their medicinal problems, the doctors solving the problems, and then the two of them can sit and chat about a reasonable price for the doctor to charge and include details like if the patient is going to pay in weekly or daily increments or all of the price then and there.

Insurers’ Jobs?

They can go to colleges to learn to be actual medical doctors.


Sorry if this came off to anyone as an impulse, but…

  1. I legitimately believe this
  2. I do not feel like making a colossal post about medical policy

Thank you all for the read anyways,



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