World Government vs Declaration of Independence


Yes, I am aware that the United States Declaration of Independence was about declaring American Independence from Britain. However, I would like to take time to elaborate about how the mere existence of international government institutions like NATO and the United Nations are not even remotely compatible with any nation’s Declaration of Independence, regardless of whose Declaration of Independence it is.

United Nations

This grave miscalculation we know as the United Nations is a blight on the concept of National Sovereignty:

  • Laws of War are not compatible with National self-defense
  • There are no historic examples of a intergovernmental institution being a healthy idea
  • There are no historic examples of United Nations doing any good as opposed to just doing policies that only FEEL good

The fact that this institution makes laws about how and when a nation can defend itself against a war of aggression all by itself proves with the non-aggression principle that the United Nations is itself an act of aggression.


North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Unlike the United Nations, this organization actually deserves some kind of respect from people. The only problem is that it epitomizes a policy pattern George Washington wisely warned against:

  • Permanent military alliances are not beneficial to foreign relations like diplomatic friendships are
  • Free Trade and Globalization, the latter being cultural exchange, have historically proven to be highly superior to war in terms of spreading human freedom

George Washington said we must not enter into permanent military alliances. And he is absolutely right. Permanent military alliances are not beneficial to our economy or to our culture.


Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Okay, this one is off the hook as there are no historic or current examples of this intergovernmental organization violating our national sovereignty. Instead this one is about free trade and globalization. The two things I just said are morally superior to war.

The OECD also helps members stay on track with how we’re [referring to US and other OECD members] getting our populations educated with this neat little thing to look at called the “Program for International Student Assessment”. It is how I know when I speak of domestic issues how we can smarten up out High School teens by radically reducing education spending – four times in every five higher education spending means less intellect among our teens and among our young adults.


Yep, sorry if you were hoping for something much longer. But this is just another quick little observational post. That’s all I got for today. Thanks for the read,



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