My Country’s 2016 Elections make me want to move to New Zealand


So I read my favorite political blog on the internet, Mark Humprhys, and I would have to say that I agree with what he has to say about the 2016 elections of my nation, the US, and I have to say: This is the worst election ever. I may as well move to New Zealand. Why do I think these things, in my own words, including the new knowledge I obtained?

America Got Ruined by the four latest presidents

  1. George Bush Sr.
  2. Bill Clinton
  3. George Bush Jr.
  4. Barack Obama

None of these presidents were or are willing to do EVERYTHING mandatory to END Islamic Nationalist regimes and movements.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 6.55.04 AM

Instead they adhered to nonsense Just-War-Theory and they decided it was “good” to go fully altruistic and spread Democracy:

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

I am not going to have to elaborate on these two. I am just going to let Mark explain Trump and Cruz for me. Please, click the links. But I will speak for myself by saying that I have nothing against people who are religiously different than me [UNLIKE Cruz] and I also have held true to Neolibertarian ideology since the start of the second semester of my Sophomore year of High School, back in 2011, when I began applying my Paleontological style of thinking to political policy & theory. I was 16 back then, and I am 21 now and will be 22 this year. I have had an ideology for between five and six years, UNLIKE Trump.

Candidates I admired for reasons

Rand Paul

I share Rand Paul‘s fiscal conservatism and cultural liberalism. I admire his willingness to defend the entire Bill of Rights. I was really looking forward to making him Attorney General. And sure, I guess I can try writing him in during the general election.

Rand often said the First Amendment is about the right to be despicable. He also actually reached out to people of all demographics, regardless of race, gender, religion, anything. Rand is the guy that Martin Luther King would have wanted for GOP nominee if King were alive today! Why do I say this? Because King’s social equality activism was based on a very simple principle:

  • If a black person is violated over his skin color, that means whites, Asians, and Hispanics are also vulnerable
  • If a woman is violated over her gender, then that means men are equally vulnerable.

Marco Rubio

I may not agree with Marco Rubio of a lot or even half what he has to offer domestically, but he is the presidential candidate ready to get foreign policy done right. Or… was the one ready to get it done right. Yes, Rubio is the one I was looking forward to making president, as he understands how the world works on a whole.

  • Rubio knows that more American vigilance means more safety for the world.
  • Similarly to Rand Paul, Marco Rubio also proved to the world he cares about our military personnel and refuses to view them as expendable.
  • Quite a stark contrast to Bush, Clinton, Bush and especially Obama, right?

I will most likely write-in people

I am deciding perhaps I should write in the candidates Marco and Rand for respectively President and Attorney General. Not sure who I am writing in for other cabinet positions yet though…

Why I’ll move to New Zealand

Because New Zealand lately makes much more sense than any other Western Culture nation:

The only downside is that New Zealand needs to stronger defense to confront and defeat the religious nationalism I mentioned above. Therefore I need to register to vote there as one of the ACT Party. Policies include greater toughness on foreign affairs.


Yep. My nation was already being ruined when I was being born and growing up but I didn’t notice until five years ago. So I will have to move to NZ. Thanks for the read,



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