“Voting for Individualism” Part One, Why I Am An Independent


Welcome to the first in a planned trilogy of WordPress entries based on discussion of where my political activisms lie and why.

This entry focuses on why I refuse to affiliate with any political party on the planet. Forget about all that Democrat vs Republican stuff!

What kind of Independent voter I am…

Well, pretty much every valid internet self-quizzing toy if you will that I have ever played around with tells me I am one kind or another of ‘libertarian’, and I am going to show you how that now:

  1. When I took the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, My results came out as 80% on Personal issues and 90% on Economic issues, meaning I am a libertarian of some sort
  2. When I took the Political Compass quiz from Britain, rounding fractions up I came out four points rightward [economic individualism] and five points downward [social individualism], making me economically center-right and socially libertarian according to people in the European continent
  3. When I took the Libertarian Purity test, I came out with a score of 84, which is one of the closer ‘medium core’ numbers to ‘hard core’ libertarian
  4. Hello Quizzy had this thing called “The Politics Test” to offer, and my scores were 81% on individual freedom and 86% on economic freedom, getting myself labeled “radical libertarian”. More on this in Part Two.
  5. HQ also had something else to offer to me – The Foreign Policy School Test. And this other thing, based on my answers to it, labels me a “classic neocon”. More on this in Part Three.
  6. Lastly, this is the one that is relevant to this Part, some site called “Find 45” gave me this quiz and my result was “true Independent”

I frankly refuse to ever trust a government that only gives me two options. I stand on principle that polarizing rhetoric is not where real people are at – in the politics of ANY nation on Earth, really. And apparently my fellow millennials are right here with me in refusing to give into to polarizing nonsense of “Puritanical Leftist vs Puritanical Rightist”.

I additionally refuse to affiliate with any political party because, aside from the ACT party of New Zealand, no other Party on Earth shares my core values. And I do not live in New Zealand so I do not live in a nation wherein any party shares my basic political virtues, so I cannot ever truly declare a Party.


Well, I say that my reasons for voting as an Independent are similar to those of many Independents. My school of libertarianism of choice, neolibertarianism, is far more popular among Independents like me than it is among any political party in the United States, but I will get deeper into that in the next two parts.


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