A Smart And Moral Platform for the Republican Party


Yep, even though I have more in common with the Libertarian Party than with the Republicans, I am still writing this platform as a proper GOP platform. The GOP currently is corrupt and urgently in need of return to its ideological heritage. Also, the Republican Liberty Caucus was founded by fellow libertarians, mostly fellow Pro-“Empire of Liberty” libertarians, in 1991 to “restore the Republican platform to the Republican Party”. I look at that and say “How about creating an entirely new platform?”, and here I am to create a platform that address every issues, and denies no painful realities, and keeps itself secular humanist on every plank. And please bear in mind, I am an Independent at heart.



A legitimate Republican Party platform will have the GOP thinking back to what they were founded on. Liberalism of the Enlightenment and Anti-Slavery Activism is what the GOP was founded on, and thus I will craft this platform that way.

Plank One – Freedom of Speech

No obscenity law, no speech code, and no censorship of any kind should ever be supported by any legitimate Republican. Freedom of Speech is unanimously defined by every dictionary and every encyclopedia as “The legal right to express one’s opinions freely without fear of retaliation or censorship, regardless of the medium used“. If someone does not like the opinions they are seeing or hearing, they can voluntarily tune themselves out but absolutely can NOT do any censoring of any kind!

Plank Two – Freedom of the Press

Every Television and Radio station has forgotten what Freedom of the Press means, and I cite their behavior [i.e. their Dishonest reporting on Jihadist brutality and their obsession over Western Scandal] as evidence. Let me educate them:

Freedom of the Press = “The right of journalists to report the news without being controlled by government or other collective entity“.

You’ll notice I emphasized the word ‘report’ because I have recently learned why the MainStream Media lies to everyone: Because they despise the idea of simply reporting the news, and worship the idea of making the news, they obsess on crafting the narrative so they can brainwash people into admiring State Sponsors of Terror and despising Western Culture. Brainwashing is NOT freedom of the press, and censorship is NOT compatible with freedom of the press, either.

Plank Three – Freedom of Religion

Freedom of Religion simply means the right of INDIVIDUALS to espouse any religion, or any Irreligion, they please. In fact, the creators of the U.S. of America were Irreligious as in Deists, and also the founders of the Republican Party were Deists as well.

Atheists, like myself, share with Deists and other Irreligious the right to exist as individuals with American citizenship; exactly as how Christian and Muslim and other religious share a right to exist as individuals with American citizenship. This’s really one of various ideologically neutral summaries of Freedom of Religion.

Plank Four – Free Markets

Who forgot what “free market” means? Apparently, both mainstream parties, Republican and Democrat alike, forgot what it means. However, my observation of other peoples’ behaviors tells me that Republicans are the ones who are open-minded to a definition that realizes how True free markets differ from corporatism:

  • An economic market and system wherein prices are based on competition among “Main Street” merchants, entertainers, laborers & scholars and never controlled by government or by “Wall Street” monopolies.

In other words, free markets and Capitalism are Main Street mechanisms that have Nothing to do with Wall Street Corporatism and equally Nothing to do with big government. We need to get the government out of the way of laborers like me who aspire to imminently become entertainers as I do and to eventually become scholars as I also do. We also need to get government to stop harassing current and especially aspiring merchants, such as 55% of my fellow millennials.

Plank Five – Legal Equality

Amendments Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Nineteen, Twenty-three, Twenty-four, and Twenty-six are specifically crafted for Legal Equality. Which is basically the following:

  • All people of all annual income levels are equally forbidden to get ahead using coercion and fraud, but also all are equally allowed to get ahead using voluntarism and honesty
  • All people must all be held to the same moral and ethical standard whether they’re racially white, black, Asian, Hispanic, Native American or Pacific islander
  • All people must all be held to the same moral and ethical standard whether they’re male, female, heterosexual, asexual, or LGBT.
  • All people must all be held to the same moral and ethical standard no matter what national origin, religion, or disability they have or lack.

Legal Equality basically means one must not treat people differently based on any of the above nor should any double-standards exist at all. And yes, this does mean all people, gay or straight, have the right to marry as couples of consenting adults without any interference from government.

Plank Six – Parliamentary Republic

According to history and according to current events, our current Small-R republicanism of Presidential republicanism has failed any American who has morals. Meaning Presidential republicanism has also failed me. Capital-R Republicans must resolve this by replacing our Presidential system with a Parliamentary one. According to the Democracy Index, at least half of Europe’s Parliamentary systems have far more to do with Dæmos Krâtos, “people power” put in Latin words, than the Presidential system of America. Finland, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Malta, and Mauritius are the prime examples of the kind of republic We The People of the USA should aspire to be governmentally, especially given that the U.S. Constitution is crafted to make America a nation where people are so free that the only ‘criminal’ activities are violent crimes and property crimes.

Plank Seven – Secular Humanism

If humanism is the valuing of human independence and the preferential leaning toward critical thought and evidence, and secularism is the strong conviction that politics must remain wholly independent from religion and vice-versa, well then… it is inherently the nature of a proper Republican-Partier to design, or in this political climate redesign, government to embrace human reasoning, empathy, and naturalism while rejecting religious dogma, pseudoscience, and superstition. Get religion out of government and equally get government out of religion.

Plank Eight – Friendships Overseas

Multilateralism, free trade, and open immigration are really the gateways to honest friendships overseas. To define these terms:

  • Multilateralism is two or more nations working in concert to address a foreign policy and military defense issue
  • Free Trade is a foreign trade system wherein there are no tariffs and the only restrictions in place are bans on violent crimes, a ban on coercion, bans on property crimes, and a ban on fraud.
  • Open immigration refers to a simple path to citizenship for the foreigners who come here to sign up for the jobs that no American-born American wants. Simple path meaning, as fellow Libertarian Partier and should-be next U.S. president Austin Petersen puts it, “Security check, Health check, Done”. And yes, both checks will determine legitimately whether or not an individual from another nation is safe to grant citizenship to.

These again are three keys to building friendships abroad with mentally healthy nations who obey the Non-Aggression Principle, which is the principle of calling violent crimes and property crimes [including threats to commit them] the only evils of the world.

Plank Nine – Strong & Voluntaristic Military

Enforcement and obeying of the first eight planks of this platform mandates a very strong national defense with very high spending and purely voluntary servitude. This means that there needs to be absolutely no draft, that the military needs to be an Equal-Opportunity employer, that the military needs to give all trainees of both genders the exact same physical tests with absolutely no double-standards whatsoever while still being equally inviting to the genders, and that the military cannot afford any budget cuts.

Proper Republicans will keep in mind however that our military is morally obligated to only interfere overseas to directly defend America’s citizens and/or to directly defend America’s truly-loving friends. As someone who knows that True Friends who truly love each other defend each other as an instinct, I can name many dozens of nations who are actually America’s truly-loving friends, but for now I am only going to single out five:

  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Albania
  • Britain
  • Canada

Additionally, proper Republicans are supposed to combine knowledge of the absolute necessity of stamping out EVERY Legit Military Target owned by the initial-aggressor enemy with knowledge of the absolute necessity of sparing civilian entities. Very remorsefully, our War Against Islamic Nationalism that the Islamic Nationalists all by themselves provoked with their 14 centuries of religious fanatic imperialism has those of us with humanity facing these religious Nationalist foes who fight with no morals at all. The result is for America and all of her friends to adapt to this animalism by making sure damage to enemy-governed civilian public is less than or equal to damage to enemy-governed military public, “less than or equal to” referring to number of people and also referring to number of properties. But then again, we still have to exclusively target Legit Military Targets, demolishing all of the legit military targets.

Lastly, America’s military and her friends’ militaries are absolutely Never for invasion, occupation, or nation-building. These militaries are for defending this large cluster of friends against terroristic nations who break the Non-Aggression Principle by punishing these terroristic nations at their source-lands.

Plank Ten – Empire of Liberty & Westernization

Thomas Jefferson created a theme for U.S. foreign policy on Christmas Day of 1780, he called it “Empire of Liberty“. Nowadays, multilateral Westernization embodies not just the original concept of Jefferson’s theme – spreading Freedom, Legal Equality and republicanism to the world – but also embodies bringing these to the world as well:

But as implicitly implied in Plank Nine, Westernization is not what any Western Society militaries are for. Instead rely on Diplomatic options, Economic options, and Non-coercive incentives for NGOs like Amnesty International to conduct Westernization in their travels overseas, and yes, there are options. Unilateral americanization is also not a good idea, especially given current American political climate, instead the Western values which are science, freedom, republics, free markets, free expression, reason, freedom of medicinal choice, freedom of educational choice, freedom of diet choice, freedom of clothing choice and secular humanism are best brought to the world by multilateral westernization.

Plank Eleven – School Choice & Charity Healthcare

The best form of national government is a Parliamentary Republic who is only in charge of foreign policy & military defense and even then only in the contexts declared in Planks Nine and Ten, and all other domestic policy categories should be left to Non-governmental experts of the field. This means leaving science policy to science museums, education policy to parents and students with high school diplomas, economic policy to Main-Street businesses, social policy to individual human conscience, crime policy to state governments, election policy to city governments, and healthcare policy to both religious and secular charities.

Republicans who care about why there is a U.S. Republican Party in the first place will care about getting government out of schools entirely and leaving education policy Not to businesses but rather to parents. Morally legit Republican voters & politicians will also look to get government entirely out of healthcare and let medicine be not a business but rather a charity.

Plank Twelve – Freedom of Choice vs. Malum In Se

Freedom of Choice is the freedom to make one’s own choices in lifestyle, diet, clothing, language, alphabet, religion, and philosophy. People need to be legally able to eat what they want, wear what they like, and so forth. The U.S. Republican Party was founded on the idea that all people of all races & ethnicities should have Freedom of Choice, among other similar ideas. Therefore it is only self-honoring for the GOP to defend Freedom of Choice in all fields, with only enough government interference to punish those who inflict violent crimes, property crimes, fraud and coercion against makers of peaceful choices in the above categories. These four kinds of crimes are known as Malum In Se, which is Latin for “Evil By Nature”.

States should be the ones to handle crime policy, but all 50 of them must keep in mind Moral Responsibility of individuals for their behaviors, and therefore while it is wrong to have the Death Penalty, it is also better to look to long-term styles of Tough Love like Life in Prison.


We have yet to see if the Republican Party will adopt this entire platform as their new platform, but as for me individually, as an Independent… everyone consider this platform, minus the GOP and other partisan references, to be my official individual platform. Thank you all for reading every single word of this,



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