List of Western Cultural Values


I look on Wikipedia and I see no viable article for a “list of Western Cultural Values”.

Plus, many distrust Wikipedia over the fact that anyone with a Wikipedia account can edit, even I see that as its number-one design flaw. However, they fixed that with making having an account one of many prerequisites to being able to edit it.

So I figured I should do a WordPress post naming and Summarizing each Western Cultural Value.

I am going to use Merriam-Webster dictionary to define each value, and for values it refuses to define I will fall back on Wikipedia.

The List

  1. Rationalism = the mentality of using logic, reason, and personal experience to explain one’s actions, one’s opinions, and the world around one’s self and refusing to ever use feelings or organized religion
  2. Humanism = the mentality of basing one’s values on the idea that most people are good people and problems can only be solved by drawing solution ideas from reason and never from religion
  3. Debate = a peacefully occurring two-or-more-sided discussion between people wherein each side espouses a different mix of opinions
  4. Free Thought = unconventional opinions and/or beliefs such as Atheism, Deism, or other Non-religious mindsets
  5. Human Rights = the regarding of liberty and equality as belonging to the entire human species
  6. Legal Equality = the principle under which all people are subject to the same laws of justice [i.e. everyone held to the same moral standard no matter their race, gender, nationality, skin color, eye color, hair color, ethnicity, religion, irreligion, disability, or annual income amount]
  7. Democracy = a form of government under which people choose their leaders by voting, have maximum freedom, and are all held to the exact same moral standard
  8. Secularism = the idea that religion should not play any role in government or in the rest of the public sector, and also that government should not play any role in religion
  9. Experiments = the scientific testing in which you perform actions to carefully observe their affects for the sake of learning
  10. Sciences = branches of knowledge about and study about the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation
  11. Political Pluralism = the recognition of peaceful coexistence of different interests, convictions and lifestyles within a political body
  12. Natural Law = a body of law or specific principle held to be adapted from nature and binding upon human culture
  13. Constitutionalism = the desire for government to espouse a strict interpretation of a Constitution
  14. Parliamentary system = a system of government wherein the executive draws its legitimacy from a legislative branch
  15. Presidential system = a system of government wherein the executive draws its authority independently from any legislative
  16. Republic = a form of government wherein the leaders are elected representatives and an elected leader instead of a king or a queen
  17. Rule of Law = the legal principle that law should govern a nation instead of impulses or religion governing a nation
  18. Freedom of Speech = the freedom to express one’s opinions freely without fear of retaliation or censorship
  19. Freedom of the Press = the freedom for journalists to simply report the news without fear of censorship, while not crafting the narrative
  20. Freedom of Religion = the freedom to espouse any religion or non-religion both in public and in private, both on one’s job and off one’s job
  21. Free Market = the economic system wherein prices are based on competition among small businesses and the economy is neither regulated by government nor monopolized by big corporations
  22. Civil Rights = the principle that everyone should have the exact same freedoms no matter their gender, race, ideology or whatever else
  23. Open Immigration = an immigration policy of letting human beings migrate to whichever nations they see opportunity for a better life in
  24. Free Trade = a system of trade between nations wherein there are no import or export taxes, and wherein the only regulation that exists are prohibition of violent crime and prohibition of property crime
  25. Freedom of Choice = an individual’s opportunity and independence to make non-aggressive choices in one’s own lifestyle, diet, clothing, and/or ideology


Well, now when someone Googles “list of western values”, they can look to the list above for a learning experience. There are some which I may be missing, such as empathy, but some values like that we can say are Western instincts rather than Western values. Thank you either way,



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