Logo Created for my Internet Name

Here it is… I one day decided to create a logo for my internet alias.

Libertarian Defense Atheism logo

How to explain: The face is the Disturbed rock band mascot face because, 1 = I love their music its my favorite music, 2 = the leader of that band, David Draiman, is a fellow libertarian, 3 = the Far Left and Far Right seem to share a false belief that human rights is ‘evil’, plus much of the LP thinks human rights is only NOT evil in America. And since this face is evil-looking, I asked my brain “why not?”

This is one of my many color-ins I created based on a template I drew out on Apple OS-only programming called “Paintbrush“, template based on the Statue of Freedom, known as Armed Freedom.

Other Color Ins?

Why yes, I did create other color-ins.

This one:

Superior LP Logo

Inherently better logo for the party I am registered to vote within.

This one:

Freedom Defender - brunette version

Because I vastly admire women with black hair & blue eyes…

And because I am such a dork with how into Middle-earth I am, I even went so far as to make this weird thing:

Dark Lord of Freedom

The reason this is so weird, and probably unwise, is because the fictional character who the face is molded on, Sauron, is the dear-leader of all that is Despotic in his fictional world, yet here’s his face on a template based on “Armed Freedom”.


Well, I am very artistic, with Paintbrush, and yes, as you may have seen in March or earlier [or was it April?] with my repaint of a certain LEGO mini-figure of mine. And I paint Citadel minis you can and will see on my Middle-earth blog, “Haradrim and Easterling Scholar”, or should I create a third blog that is just about my drawings? I’ll think on that…

…but for now, thanks for the read,



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