The Only Viable U.S. Republican Party Platform

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Superior Logo for the GOP – a logo that will repeatedly remind Republicans of what the GOP is supposed to be like.


Regardless of whether the Libertarian Party remains a viable option in the way of parties, I think that they are still going to hold on to their obsessive, puritanical pacifism. Those scum even barred obvious should-be 45th president Austin Petersen from Colorado’s state convention simply for disagreeing with them on the Non-Aggression Principle and for appealing to a diversity of political psychographics.

As someone who follows a loose interpretation of the NAP that happens to permit defensive aggression while still banning initial aggression, I see this as the LP being pure Regressive Left on everything BUT economy. In fact, so much do I perceive my own party as Only disagreeing with the Regressive Left on economy that I say the LP deserves to suffer worse than just exclusion from the general election debates, if they nominate someone other than Austin Petersen, then I say they deserve to be abolished as a party, and their current typical voter-based deserves to be prohibited from exporting their puritanically-NAP to the Republican Party, for whom this post is about radically changing the platform of.

Why did I pick the GOP platform instead of aspiring to create a political party of my own? Because a half-hour read of each of Republican History and Democrat History confirms for readers that the Republican Party is the more realistic of the two mainstreams for this new libertarian platform to go usurping. Abraham Lincoln, for example, created a far better platform to birth and breed the GOP on than Andrew Jackson created to birth and breed the Democrat Party on.


The Republican party nowadays, much like the Libertarian Party, has forgotten the founding Party Principles, but unlike the Libertarian Party is open to ideological diversity within its party, even if it causes temporary disunity during times wherein elections are not the big priority. Whereas the LP obsesses, poisonously, over its own puritanical espousing of the NAP, like if I was a candidate I’d be banned from conventions because I am simply not Non-Aggression Principled enough for the LP’s behavioral ripoffs of the Regressive Left.

More simply reasoned, if the Libertarian Party were to be swung into this platform, then not many people would really know about it because the Libertarian Party is only 8% of America’s 23 million hard-core libertarians and 48 million soft-core libertarians [2 million and 4 million, respectively].

Republican Party being altered so radically as by this platform, on the other hand, this entire nation and most if not all of its neighbors would be all over such news of reform!

Think about it: 6 million of America’s 322 million total people are LP, compared with 84 million Americans who are GOP, including 10 million hard-core libertarians and 20 million soft-core libertarians.

So without further hold up, allow me to write a platform that, unlike the previous Republican platform I wrote, puts forth fewer planks with better explanations.

1 = Individual Freedom

Government has no moral or legal duty, or even option, to set limits to political, intellectual, social, or even sexual freedom; the only exception being limits that are purely about guarding from individual freedom from barbaric aggressors.

It is therefore only compliant with the platform the GOP was founded on for the GOP to be in favor of ending the war on drugs. It is also only hard-core Republican Partying for the Republican Party to be favoring the abolition of Abstinence-only “education” and the replacement of it with Abstinence-plus, aka Comprehensive, for all Colleges, High Schools and even Middle Schools.

Not only do such policies increase individual freedom, but also they have proven themselves historically to get the absurdity called abortion radically reduced in terms of how frequently it may occur. True Republicans [who are Pro-life] will seek every Non-invasive, Secular-science method they can find to end abortion, because there are options. Two of them named above.

Other freedoms no Republican should ever favor limits to are Freedom of Speech; Freedom of the Media; Freedom of Religion; Freedom of Choice in the areas of school, language, lifestyle, diet, & clothing; Freedom of Movement; Free Migration; Right of Self-Defense; and Civil Rights. The American Civil War was fought by the GOP for Civil Rights for all races and for both genders. Equally. Which leads us right into the second tenet of true Republican-partying.

2 = Legal Equality

The Reconstruction Amendments; 13, 14, and 15; are all equally clear: From Abraham Lincoln’s time to now, Legal Equality was and is a mandate.

So-called “Republicans” who favor repealing any of these amendments are terrible for the moral health of the GOP, and would be better off being Independents or something else other than Republicans.

Legal Equality means that the same laws, same freedoms, and same moral responsibility standards, apply equally to all citizens.

3 = Economic Liberty

True Republicans must equally support maximum freedom for all Americans, both employed and unemployed, on-duty and off-duty. This is wherein lies the importance of economic freedom.

It pains me to know that the GOP has been taken over by Wall Street corporatism, did you know Big-shot National Corporations as represented by Wall Street despise Capitalism for the exact same reasons for which Democratic Socialists despise Capitalism?

Both despise capitalism precisely because capitalism is all about leaving economic policies to small businesses as represented by the global generic phrase “Main Street“, resulting in an equal working field for all people and in ultimate prosperity for all, and capitalism also creates jobs by encouraging merit-driven wage laws that favor hard work and smart work equally.

Capitalism also means individuals have permission to set up their own e-commerce trades like Amazon, AirBNB, and Uber. And people are allowed to independently publish their very own fictional universes in print and/or ebook format!

4 = Moral Responsibility

The only crimes that count as crimes are violent crime and property crime. And even then, true Republicans should not be wanting federal government to make crime policy. Local communities, meaning city and town populations, should be the bosses of what laws to make against actual crimes, including what to prescribe for perpetrations of such violations of individual freedom. However, this must be decided by local populations within Constitutional limits. Speaking of constitutional limits…

5 = Constitutional Republic

The Founders created the US Constitution with good reason: to ensure that our nation remains a civilized nation, to remain the role-model to foreign nations of how to morally operate a nation.

The Articles, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitutional Safeguards of Civil Rights. All of these serve a purpose: to keep America civilized at all times. America is meant to be a role model for all civilizations, and so far America has historically had success setting an example for other Westernized nations of the world, up until the 1950’s at least.

Regardless, true Republicans will have to be upholding of the US Constitution, plus must emphasize the difference between democracy and republic: the former is based on Rule of Mob, the latter is based on Rule of Law.

6 = Armed Freedom

Securing Freedom domestically does not even temporarily require banning of certain ideological groups, it does not mandate refusal to adopt open immigration, it does not mandate border walls, and it most easily does not mandate resistance to free trade or such invasions of privacy as the Patriot Act.

Instead securing freedom domestically mandates a very strong, highly funded, all volunteer national defense. Our military needs to be constantly seeking Non-coercive ways to expand the range of qualified volunteers and Fiscally Conservative ways to deploy its current and reasonably high budget; such as military pilots ditching the higher-priced & lower-quality F-35 Lightning program for higher investment in the lower-priced, higher-quality A-10 Thunderbolt program.

More fiscally conservative reforms that need to be made to the U.S. military, in place of altering military spending in either direction; include the restoration & modernization of Letters of Marque and Reprisal as a viable alternative to sending in US troops to foreign battles, and cutting midrange weapon prices in half by ditching the highly-viable $1120 M4A1 carbines for the equally-viable $673 M16 rifles.

As for American civilians, honest-to-earth Republicans will call not for No Gun Control but for Less Gun Control, true Republicans need to tell the reality of gun rights like it is:

The right of the People to Keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed

-Second Amendment

In other words, true Republicans are going to half to espouse the fact that we need more room for citizens to be Allowed to be upstanding armed citizens, not forced to be.

7 = Empire of Liberty

Legitimate Republican Partying factors in that Thomas Jefferson once said:

“We shall divert through our own Country a branch of commerce which the European States have thought worthy of the most important struggles and sacrifices, and in the event of peace [ending the American Revolution]…we shall form to the American union a barrier against the dangerous extension of the British Province of Canada and add to the Empire of liberty an extensive and fertile Country thereby converting dangerous Enemies into valuable friends.”

This was on December 25th of 1780 he said this. Merry Christmas, The West! Thomas Jefferson’s Christmas gift to humanity: the “Empire of Liberty” theme for foreign policy positions.

With this being in mind, true Republicans recognize that while Defensive War is Right of Self-Defense for Westernized nations, aka free nations, and while Wars of Aggression, Preventive War & Preemptive War are inherently criminal; Liberation War must not be the only policy for converting theocracies into republics: Free Trade, Open Immigration, and Liberation War were all equally Jefferson’s actual style of bringing freedom to the world, the best exponents of Empire of Liberty have been James Madison, GOP founder Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Here in the Twenty First Century, the GOP needs major exponents who the novel “Emperor of Liberty: Thomas Jefferson’s Foreign Policy” is mandatory reading for. Yes, we need to recognize as Thomas Jefferson did that war is neither always the answer, nor is it never the answer, to Empires of Tyranny.

Jefferson was never self-sacrificial about his ambitions, either. The GOP needs to adopt his balance of bringing freedom to the world with refusal to take the altruism and self-crippling of just war theory seriously.

8 = Art of Liberation War

Back in the 6th Century BC, the Chinese general and author Sun Tzu created the book Art of War, which the GOP needs to commit to using to utterly replace Just War Doctrine.

Republicans also need to open the US military to history of how Liberation Wars were managed in the past by people like General Sherman during the American Civil War and Winston Churchill during the Second World War.

The GOP has a moral duty to open the US military to how General Sherman needed to devastate the Slave South severely in order to end Southern support for slavery and the ideology spawning it at the time: White Supremacy.

The same moral duty applies to educating the military about how Winston Churchill needed to severely devastate the Third Reich in order to end the Reich’s genocidal campaign against ethnic Jews, including the ideology spawning the genocide: Nazism.

Which brings us to another part of how the GOP is supposed to handle war: No wise general targets a practice like slavery or genocide. One must target the ideology motivating oppression and slaughter in the world, whether it is Nazism, or its 21st-century equal, the religious fanatic ideology of Salafism. The Salafis are the Nazis of the 21st century, and their despotic behaviors have no source except for Salafi Movement philosophy.


If you did not see an issue appear here that you care about, please be assured that all legitimate Republican Partier opinions, whether they differ from each other or not, will be motivated by the eight core values laid out above.


That’s all I got for a legitimate Republican Party platform for the United States. Thank you for reading all of this,



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