Why No One Should Be Payed To Give Nothing


I am referring both to corporate welfare and social welfare in this post of mine. So yes, I am going to carefully explain why both are inherently wrong to me.

Corporate Welfare

Something Wall Street seems to love is corporate welfare, which is basically government paying huge corporations to give nothing. This makes huge corporations feel entitled to take free market elements out of our economy and to take huge risks without suffering penalties. Hence the reason we have “Too Big To Fail”. The only way to truly end the corporatist element of “too big to fail” is to get rid of corporate welfare entirely, and overnight as well.

Bernie Sanders’s plan of decentralizing the big banks is not going to make the difference we need: Abolishing corporate welfare entirely as Austin Petersen aims to will make the difference, because according to iSideWith he says [and I agree] that “lawmakers are mostly to blame for creating an environment of reckless banking”. And of course government did create this reckless banking environment in 2008 when they bailed out the banks and got us addicted to corporate welfare.

Social Welfare

Ugh… paying people who are able-bodied and able-minded to not use any of their talents, whether those talents are entry level or doctorate degree level.

I, for example, have a doctorate degree talent for correctly analyzing and communicating the facts about dinosaurs, modern animals, and as you can tell by this blog foreign policy. I am thinking about charging money for copies hand-written essays I do about the various things I like to write about. I have had numerous other ideas of how to make money off my normal job I am guaranteed to start acting on in the month of June which is three days from the date of this post [5/29/2016 where on Earth I am]:

  • I have my very own fictional universe I am doing as novels and as comic books and that I have already decided who to liscence for electronic device adaptations.
  • I pondered for a while the idea of building custom LEGO people including with Green Stuff modeling putty and sculpting tools. Don’t worry about my experience level because I merge an attention to detail with an eagerness to Google for reference pics.
  • Perhaps I should also do paintings of dinosaurs and of Middle-earth Fan Art, Metal musician fan art, and other fan art; using acrylic paints and charge triple the canvas cost to me for each painting. And I will take photos for memory purposes.
  • Lastly I have been long exploring the idea of home-brewing sodas with Mountain Dew levels of caffeine and selling small cups of them to people who pass by. And yes, I do have a Soda Stream machine so I could do this.

Any of the above four ideas, regardless of whether anyone does any of them before I do, are inherently GOOD ideas of how to get extra money “on the side”. Social Welfare is inherently a BAD idea of how to get money on the side. The receiver of the social welfare is not the only one poisoned by the mere existence of social welfare:

  • Non-profit Charity NGOs are poisoned by social welfare because government bans them from giving charity the right way, by giving charity from empathy.
  • Small businesses [Main Street, the markets the embody free-market economics by creating jobs and prosperity] are poisoned by social welfare because government uses the inheritance tax, among other taxes, to force Main Street to pay for the laziness of certain workers and certain non-workers.
  • Laborers, including me, are poisoned by social welfare because we LOSE A FIFTH OF OUR LABOR ON AVERAGE so that a large amount of people who I am sure have various individual talents can be paid to avoid exerting their talents.


So I am vastly uncomfortable with any kind of social welfare: I have 4+ different earn-money-on-the-side ideas to work on! I will get to them in 6/1/2016, like I said I would. Thanks for the read,



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