The Absolute ONLY Thing Guilty Of The Modern Jihad: Salafism


The Salafi Movement. I have already written quite the large essays many times on & on about how Salafism is the ultimate barbarity of today’s world, how the Salafi Movement is the Digital Age’s equal to the Nazi Party of the Atomic Age.

As for the Khomeinism, that’s just the digital age version of Hideki Tojo’s Japanese Empire.

U.S. Intervention in the Middle East Did Not Cause Salafism. Salafi Imperialism In The Middle East Caused Salafism.

Objective Evidence On The Ground:

Rashidun Empire, the first Salafi jihadist dynasty

Umayyad Empire, the second dynasty

Full Early History of Salafi imperialism here.

  • Some say that the very earliest Salafism began with the Koranic author and prophet himself, others beg to differ. I choose to abstain from the debate of whether the prophet was a Salafi or not.

Abbasid Empire, the third dynasty

  • The Abbasid Dynasty has a Mostly True [I say ‘mostly’ because many tend to exaggerate it] reputation as being the best-behaved of these four major dynasties. See Islamic Golden Age for details.
  • I myself can almost say that the Abbasid dynasty mostly does not count as a Salafi dynasty.

Ottoman Empire, the fourth and not-so-final dynasty

Current Events regarding Salafism

State Sponsors of Salafi Jihad [also in this article]:

  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. Qatar
  3. United Arab Emirates
  4. Kuwait
  5. Sudan
  6. Afghanistan
  7. Pakistan
  8. The Palestinian Authority

Every penny of money Western World countries like America and others dump into the Arabian peninsula for any reason is just more money for the top four numbered above to donate to the Salafi lunatics.

  • America needs to stop being the Salafi movement’s proxy army against Iran and Russia and China
  • America needs to start to destroy the Salafi movement at their eight sources.


Hmm… I do hope everyone else who like me is also registered to vote among the Libertarian Party has learned something from this, because if we as the LP embrace the realities I have highlighted above, then we will be very well-able to reach out to American commoners. LP does not need to abandon free trade or non-intervention, it just needs to abandon its Just War Theorist fantasies to get in touch with what most Americans think [read pages 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 of the article I linked]. We as the LP may even have to adopt some Republican tactics while not becoming a second GOP. Thanks all,



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