What Does Mark Humphrys Think of Austin Petersen?


For those who don’t know, Mark Humphrys is a Dublin citizen who blogs about political and religious topics, mostly relating to foreign affairs and defense issues.

I want to know that exactly this favorite political-religious blogger of mine makes of the man I am writing in for the general election: Austin Petersen.

Links to Petersen

Official Website

YouTube Channel

Instagram Channel


So Mark Humprhys, I am a fan of your writings who wonders what you make of Mr. Petersen. Thank you everyone for reading this,




  1. Hi there. Yes we have a lot in common. I like this idea of neo-libertarianism. It seems close to neo-conservatism, which I definitely like.

    Basically, I don’t like extremist isolationism. If America withdraws from the world, freedom around the world will suffer. Obama has already proven that.

    So by all means withdraw support from tyrannies like Saudi and Pakistan, or, even better, pressurise and blackmail them to change. But America should strongly support real allies – Eastern Europe, Israel, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Kurds, Copts, liberals, Muslim reformers, India, and so on. Libertarians put me off when they talk of abandoning true allies as well as fake allies.

    Can you link to some libertarian party writings or speeches I would like?

  2. I can link you to writings and other media from this Austin Petersen guy, and from everyone else on his website “The Libertarian Republic”, that I think you might like [just be warned there’s a lot of ads there]:
    Some Libertarian Republic guests’ writings:
    I am confident Petersen writes things you may like reading:
    Although, I cannot find articles that are this good on the LP’s official site. But I did find you some things you might like. Check out the articles on that site and see for yourself what you like, there’s really good ones I think you’ll agree with a lot of. Thanks for commenting, Mark Humphrys! And I must ask: if you were living in the US and voting in the general election: Would you write in Austin Petersen? If not, then whom? Thanks again.

  3. Thanks. Who would I vote for? That’s the impossible question of 2016 alright. I don’t know. I’m pretty down about the American voters. 8 years of Obama, and now this.

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