How Millennials Like Me Can Get Ahead In A Digital Age Economy


Free market economy is the best-known way to maintain prosperity. No one is too big to fail, and none of the problems present with either one of marxism or corporatism exist. Sure, free markets are flawed, but the best economic system we have.

And the Digital Age basically started in the middle 1990’s with the rise of the internet. We still live in the digital age right now.

I am going to break down the different ways a millennial, or someone born between 1980 and 1999, such as my 1994-born self can get ahead based on this century’s common millennial situations paired with free-market solutions to the problems they come with.

Owner of a Car but not of a House

Problem: Sierra, aged 24, owns a car and can drive exceptionally well but does not have a home of her own. She cannot afford a house of her own on her full-time job at Target which only pays $8.65 per hour. She has been looking at a 1-story house with 2 beds and 1 bath and three other rooms that costs $60,000 for some time, but cannot afford it.

Facts: Target is a Second Industrial Age employer based on a Renaissance Age industry, millennials like me need jobs in Digital Age markets.

Solution: In a Digital Age free market system, or in a Digital Age mostly free economy like the U.S. economy, Sierra can easily use her exceptional driving skills to work for Uber, an online based transport service company that allows employees to use their cars as taxis while customers can use a mobile app to ask and pay for, in this case, Sierra’s greatly skilled driving. So, instead of making $8.65 per hour to sell items for 8 hours a day for five days a week she’s working $32 per hour to drive people to places for 8 hours per day for five days a week. Now she can afford that house and still have a $6,560 budget for making that house livable to her, provided there’s no income tax. But with income tax in the U.S., Sierra only keeps $51,000 of her first year’s $68,000. Therefore she needs to work another eleven weeks in addition to her full first year. Hmm…..

Aspiring Novelist can’t get the apartment he wants

Problem: Fredrick, aged 21, found a really nice apartment that stands at $4,000 per month but he lacks any kind of employment. He has an intensely creative idea for a historical fantasy novel saga but lacks the necessary funding for printing novels independently.

Facts: If someone without employment has an innovative idea for a historical fantasy novel series, and they have the authoring skills that in this hypothetical Fredrick has tons of, then perhaps he can pull these off with crowd funding. Printing 3 inch wide by 5 inch tall pages as Fredrick wants to would have him using a flash card printing function in a program like Apple OS Pages, or Microsoft Word. As for the crowd funding, there are many websites that offer opportunities and Paypal functionality

Solution: Fredrick can register a Paypal account, set it up with his Patreon account, go the Copyright office to patent his historical fantasy fictions, and he can ask for the funding needed for his novels series. And if he charges $8 per novel and sells 11,000 per month, and to print one copy costs $3, then he is basically making $55,000 per month which is $660,000 per year. However, the FCC sends him an email telling him most of his novel’s content maturity legally cannot make it onto future TV adaptations. Only Expression Code Possible in the U.S. Begs To Differ, though. We are starting to see a pattern here…

The Pattern We See

Government gets primitive and obstructs private civilian innovation. This is not my opinion, this is a historical fact. Government blocks the human instinct of innovation very frequently, if given any domestic policy powers outside of emergency service departments [police, fire-fighting, ambulance]. Nationally, the government blocks innovation if it gets any powers outside of foreign policy functions.


I think it is clear what sort of economic modeling we humans need in the Digital Age: Free market in commodities and in labor alike. Thank you,



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