Republican Liberty Caucus vs Libertarian Party – Who’s More Inclusive?


The Republican Liberty Caucus, currently run by a Floridian called Matthew Nye, is the Middle-ground Libertarian faction of the Republican Party. The Libertarian Party, currently run by an attorney named Nicholas Sarwark, is the third-largest political party of the United States.

This is a post to see which entity is more inclusive… in particular which one is more into following the US Constitution and respecting different foreign policy ideologies within libertarianism.

American Enterprise Institute

The American Enterprise Institute is a conservative think tank that supports the export of personal freedom and economic freedom worldwide. The fact that the AEI favors a Jeffersonian policy of spreading “empire of liberty” to the world makes me happy to see RLC include AEI at the top of the RLC’s think tank list but disgusted to not see AEI anywhere on the LP’s think tank list. So… the RLC is more inclusive in the foreign relations field.

Ayn Rand Institute

Dr. Yaron Brook’s Ayn Rand Insitute is an Objectivist think tank, and on defense policy they differ from neocons like AEI by calling for a defense policy of only going to war to defend America’s citizens. Also, the ARI understands the Salafi Movement and how to deal with them very well, I believe. So it kills me to see these guys not on the LP’s think tank list but the good news is they are on the RLC’s think tank list.

Cato Institute

The Cato Institute is a libertarian think tank that prioritizes free markets, individual freedom, and hardline non-intervention in foreign policy. Both the RLC and the LP are inclusive to people who look to Cato Institute for political news.

Foundation for Economic Education

The FEE is a free market, laissez-faire capitalist think tank, seemingly neutral to issues of foreign policy. Basically these guys are about nothing but economic freedom, so I applaud both the RLC and the LP for including them as think tanks.

Heartland Institute

Heartland Institute, like the FEE, is also almost exclusively fixated on promoting free market capitalism, and thus the RLC and the LP are excellent for including them on both of their respective think tank lists.

Independent Institute

The Independent Institute is enormously diverse in what sorts of political issues it addresses. The Independent Institute even offers middle ground approaches to foreign policy that look like solutions Austin Petersen was offering (i.e. hiring Private-sector mercenary legions to end ISIS). Thank you RLC and LP for both putting Independent Institute on your think tank lists.


So, regarding foreign policy and defense policy… the Republican Party’s libertarian wing is far more inclusive than the Libertarian Party. Thank you all for reading this random record,



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