List of Ways to Fund a Free Society Without Ruining Work Ethic


Hello. I want to carefully define a free society in my words for everyone:

  • A free society is a nation or smaller geopolitical jurisdiction that fully or generally legislates freedom of speech, freedom of religion, other civil liberties, and a free-market economy with free trade, also whose government is limited to just enforcing individual freedom and the golden rule against violence in real life and coercion in real life.

Evidently, I have decided to compile a list as someone with amazing work ethic that I will be exerting in my workplace up until I get my Bachelor’s degrees in the things needed for my future paleontology job:

  1. Geography
  2. Ecology
  3. Biology
  4. Geology

In the mean time I would like to spend this post opening the internets to discussion of something about work ethic: How a Free Society ought to fund its governmental functions without taxing labor. Anyhow, simple research allows me to think up these different funding means [using ‘regime’ as a shorter word for ‘government’]:

  1. National Sales Tax
  2. Volunteer Donations to Regime
  3. User Fees for Regime Services
  4. License Fees and Permit Fees
  5. Fines for Trivial Crimes
  6. Economic Rentals
  7. Royalties [shares of profit]
  8. Selling of Resources
  9. Public Sector Small Businesses
  10. Indemnities for damages suffered

National Sales Tax

Legislation of a national sales tax is a way to fund a free society that refers to spending. What is an entry-level laborer like me going to spend the rewards for my labor on?

Income tax reduces the value of my labor, while national sales tax motivates me into budgeting my money and into not spending impulsively. I must admit, my teens were spent being far more impulsive with money than anything else, then when I hit my 20’s I grew up and stopped impulsing on my money. And now I am of course thriving on a casual-hours job under an employer that started 58 years before my life did [and my life started in 1994].

Honestly, I would much rather be taxed for serving myself for fun than be taxed for serving others for necessity. In fact, I deem that’s what almost everyone who favors replacing income tax with sales tax argues.

Volunteer Donations

From what I can suspect, many people in this nation would be happy to donate to whichever level of government [local, state, and federal being the levels] they trust the most, but most would not.

So I can see an unavoidable flaw with volunteer donations indeed, but as for free societies in general… Volunteer donation is inherently morally superior precisely because… take what poor-class workers like me get taxed for example:

I pay 15% federally and an additional 5% for each of state and local, I’d estimate. Imagine if I had 100% of my income, and I believed that federal, state and local government only needed 13%, 7% and 5% of my pay-stub respectively; for military, police, and courts. Given the 25% total that amounts to, how would it be financially any different? The difference instead would be in both the fact that its volunteer donations and that one can decide what the government is allowed to spend donations on.

Service Use Fees

Charging money for government-provided necessities like military, courts, prisons and 911 hotline emergency services [police, fire-fighters, ambulance] is currently done through the extortion we call income tax. Alternatively, we could have the people ask for services and be ready to pay a price on grounds of the job the servants do providing the service.

Much like how in the private sector when I order seafood, a burger, or other non-pizza lunch meal from a pizza-place [that sells tons of different non-pizza foods] south of my small town for delivery and am noted in advance what the service will cost me in terms of what money I give to the servant providing the service.

If service fees with advanced notice of exact cost works for small businesses, then it can easily work for a free society’s regime providing survival necessities like the military and the courts, provided the fee charged is an amount the payer can afford.

License and Permit Fees

As the owner of a learner’s permit to learn how to drive, I seem to recall paying a permit fee for that. Plus I suspect that when I move to Vernal, Utah after getting my Bach degree, I may have to buy a permit to own the 4-toad group of true toads [all of the same species] I plan to own during my life there.

Either case demonstrates something: paying a fee for a necessity for getting ahead. Paying groceries is a necessity for sustaining my body long enough to live the exact life I plan for myself, buying a permit is often needed to ensure your government you are not going to use ~what you got your permit for~ to conduct behaviors that are malum in se.

Same standard can be put to licenses, by the way. Perhaps I can make a summary for all reading this at this time:

To buy a driving license or other license is to buy one’s way to improving oneself, and indeed permits and licenses would be affordable to the poor without income tax.

Trivial Crime Fines

Violent crimes are almost always far too severe for fine to be enough to punish, so of course a convict proven guilty by every question of FACT should suffer a fine and more. As for trivial crimes like petty theft and disorderly conduct and accidentally bruising someone, fining the perps the biggest prices they can afford is perfectly good enough of punishment.

This is especially the case for a free society, wherein trivial crimes are recognized as trivial crimes that can be easily compensated for. Income Tax makes fines less affordable to people who break laws, without income tax I have reason to suspect there would be less overreacting from police and such.

Economic Rentals

Hm… rent payment. I yet to be paying rent on a basis where it is inherently mandatory for me to have a roof over me, I am simply not at that stage in my life yet. In the mean time, though, I must point something out: for a person who owns public property, one must raise revenue to be able to pay for regime charging economic rental for that property.

Also, if Dinosaur National Monument is government property, which it is as property of the federal agency we call National Park Service, then morally I imagine I’ll be owing them plenty of dollars, but all of it in land rental and none of it in income tax, and even so that is if I become the curator & director of that monument like I plan to.

Point being… if government owns property they charge rent for, then they can look to that for revenue in place of taxing labor.


Ah, royalties. Something I know I will gain from other peoples’ adaptations of my dark fantasy books I will be self-publishing with crowd-funding after I copyright my fictional world that I am basing them on.

What can the free society gain royalties from though, in place of taxing the labor I pour into these books I am working bit by bit on? Hmm…

  • Royalties can be paid to government for just about any private sector industry
  • Royalties can be paid to government for Fair Use exertions on governmental IP, provided the Fair Use rights user is makig profit
  • Royalties can be paid to government for inclusion of government agents in for-profit photography
  • Royalties can be paid to government as ad revenue shares [for that free society to keep letting, for example, monetized YouTube videos be made in that free society]

Shall I go on? I think not…

Resource Sales

What if government nationalized green-fuel resources like geothermal and wind power? Only if they were doing it to pay for abolition of income tax would I support such a thing. In other words, and green fuels only being one example, the most logical free societies are the ones who aim to get revenue with resource sales rather than by taxing labor.

Taxing labor… wait for it… makes green fuels less affordable to poor workers like me.

Not that I need any of them for a vehicle yet, but I’d love an all-of-the-above supply of different green fuels for managing what electric and digital necessities I currently use, such as the MacBook Pro I currently use for this WordPress.

Again, that’s just one example. More examples include:

  • Government sale of public lead to private individuals who delight in making their living by hand-crafting No.2 Pencils
  • Government sale of public lumber to private sector crafting firms who mainly market basswood to Games Workshop hobbyists like myself
  • Government sale of public copper to smithies who make modern replications of medieval weaponry as a for-profit hobby

Public Main Street

If the private sector can set up small business and need to earn its profit by following the Golden Rule, then why is a free society’s regime not held to the same standard?

Morality is: both sectors of a free society [public and private] ought to be held to the same moral standard for how they can and cannot raise sector revenue: Do Not Coerce

Seeing as income tax is coercion, the mere existence of it does not sit well with Enforced Equal Due Process For All People. Rather, if my party [the Libertarian Party] ought to be the party of small business [which it should be says me], then it ought to be demanding government to stop doing corporate welfare and income tax and to start getting its revenue from setting up small business like the private sector does.


If you did not follow the wikipedia link in the intro, then know this: indemnities are compensation funds paid by aggressors to their victims for damages done.

This is more of a defense policy and foreign policy one, so allow me to put it this way:

  • Know how I speak of the Salafi movement like they are the most barbaric crimes against humanity ever, which they are? Well…
    • In a proper war on ISIS, we would be chaotically blasting away every LMT that ISIS has by any means mandatory to purging ISIS of LMTs, including their economy as a series of further LMTs, and after that they would be unconditionally surrendering to us and paying an Indemnity for every American killed by them with what money they have leftover
    • In proper war on Salafism [not on terror], we would do the same to the top seven state sponsors of Salafi terror so that they would pay us an indemnity for every American they sponsored the death of as well
    • Ask William Sherman and/or Winston Churchill about Savannah and/or Dresden respectively if you are confused.
  • So, in short, while I talk mostly about foreign policy and national defense, this time I am only using it as an example of a type of free-society funding that has inherent moral supremacy over the income tax.

As you can tell, a free society would raise revenue with indemnities in retaliation against foreign aggression by a dictatorship, and is probably the most hyper-defensive alternative to income tax of all of these.


Out of all of these… I think my favorite would have to be royalties. Do you have a favorite alternative to income tax out of all of these? If not, its quite okay. Thanks for the read,



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