My Individual World View


So, I recently discovered the World Index of Moral Freedom, and thus learned the phrase ‘moral freedom’ to refer to off-job life as the phrase ‘economic freedom’ to refer to on-job life. I figured I finally have legit resources to turn to for means of elaborating how I view this planet we live on.

What I believe, religiously

I am Irreligious. I turn to Secular morality, specifically a secular version of ethical egoism that uses the Golden Rule as its source of moral agency, for ethics and morals.

As for what I believe about gods, demigods, goddesses etc; I believe all are species of fictional character, which in essence is what atheism is.

Lastly in this category I believe wholesale in science, logic, and practicality. I believe I am destined to become a paleontologist in my 30’s.

What I also believe, ideologically

  1. Moral Freedom and Economic Freedom breathe each other
    • Moral Freedom; meaning free expression, right of self-defense, privacy, right to own weapons, religious freedom, bioethical freedom, drug-related freedom, sexual freedom, gender freedom and freedom for families; leads to mutual respect between individuals, peaceful relations between demographics, off-duty adherence to the Golden Rule, legal equality, and the speedy growth of science.
    • Economic Freedom; meaning property rights, zero income tax, low-rate spending taxes, free markets, free trade, private charity, school choice, free-market healthcare, eco-capitalism, the Golden Rule as the only economic regulation, and defense spending as the only government spending outlet; leads to prosperity, high living standards for all, the absence of slavery, respect for foreign civilians, on-duty adherence to the Golden Rule, speedy growth of science, and healthy posterities.
  2. Moral Freedom & Economic Freedom are the best things ever
  3. Every nation across the globe should be breathing Moral Freedom & Economic Freedom
  4. Dictatorships and the terrorists they sponsor are the worst things ever
  5. Free Societies need to both have acceptable [or better] moral freedom and economically be moderately [or mostly or totally] free to pass off as Free Societies
  6. The only crimes that morally count as actual crimes are violence, coercion, fraud and property damage against real people in real life
  7. Crimes in the categories named off in pointer 6 need to be dealt with as harshly as humane punishing will allow
  8. Life In Prison is morally superior to Death Penalty because it puts actual crime perps in a hostile atmosphere to reflect on their act of barbarism in for a very long time
  9. Monetary standards on basis of metal, like the gold standard, are the only legit way to stop inflation
  10. Earth needs all Dictatorships to be converted to Free Societies, by any means mandatory, in order for Earth to pull off eternal world peace
  11. A dictatorship is a nation that callously disregards moral freedom and economic freedom alike, whose government holds total power with unconditionally violent and coercive dominance over human beings
  12. Any free society has a moral right to go hunting dictatorships and defacing them into becoming newfound free societies, this moral right is a result of the very nature of dictatorships
  13. In addition to pointer 12, if a dictatorship tries to hunt and deface a free society, then the free society has absolute duty to unrestricted defensive war against that dictatorship, with the only exception being that the free society is morally and legally obligated to refrain from ever even thinking about draft
  14. Drafting is inherently wrong, all military service must inherently be voluntary
  15. Every free society needs a large, dynamic military for purposes within one’s national Right Of Self Defense
  16. Imperialism and/or Interventionism by Free Societies is inherently never to blame for terrorism, only Dictatorships being dictatorships can possibly be blamed for terrorism
  17. Anyone who blames any Free Society’s interference in any Dictatorship-majority region for global terrorism lacks most if not all necessary understanding of the history of that region
  18. Moral Freedom and Economic Freedom are best spread to the world by economic and diplomatic means, not so often by military means
  19. A Free Society needs to only wage war to directly defend its citizens or its fellow free societies who are its honest friends against attack, against imminent threat, or against long-term threat
  20. Free societies make for phenomenal friends to each other, dictatorships are genetically not capable of making friends


Well, that’s all I got in this category for now. Thanks readers, and now you know how I view the world,



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