LP’s Non-Force Pledge vs. How Religions Embrace Liberty


Every time I look on the Libertarian Party [LP] website, they have this “non-force” pledge that says “I pledge to not support or advocate the use of force to change anything politically or culturally”.

I utterly refuse to sign this pledge because it means of a dictatorship is using a religion as a warrant to break the Golden Rule, than the LP voter is supposed to just respect it.

Also I look to human history to have a look on how the world religion Christianity has changed in terms of their acceptance of individual liberty. None of the facts are compatible with the LP’s pledge, and I am going to show you that now.

Christianity Before The Enlightenment

Supremely during Medieval times, Christianity was motivating plenty of acts of terror and depravity world wide [including in the Americas during the 16th century]. I am not going to describe the Crusades or Inquisition as those have been turned into cliches by my president when he used them as apologist tools at a ‘prayer breakfast’. Instead I am going to bring up these:

  • Ivan the Terrible’s Christian radicalism motivated him to kill many political dissidents and to steal land from Moscow’s neighbors
  • Hernan Cortez used Catholic Christianity as his excuse to murder millions of Aztec people, mostly civilians, and to force the survivors to forfeit their gold to him
  • Right here in New England, the pilgrim Puritans were using Christianity as their excuse to set up absolute violent dictatorship in Salem, MA

Age of Enlightenment, and the birth of libertarianism

The ideology we know today as libertarianism was created by John Locke in 17th century Britain. He promoted ideas that would later go on to be referred to interchangeably as “libertarian” and “classical liberal”.

The English Revolution of 1688 was essentially the libertarian revolution. It was the benchmark not just of libertarianism being the normal of Western Culture but of parliamentary republic being the official government source preference of libertarianism. That said, libertarian in John Locke’s day meant:

And these British libertarians’ 1688 revolution was the start of libertarians using force to change historically tyrannical entities to be entities of individual freedom and minimized government. Using force to make change to entities politically and culturally. By the way, the above bulleted definition of libertarian is the definition I abide by.

How We The Libertarians Forced our Politics & Culture of Freedom Onto Christianity

The Christianity of Medieval Europe never really modernized without we the libertarians conducting the initiation of force to make Christianity renounce barbarism and espouse individual freedom.

See, it started in the 18th century with happenings like the American and French Revolutions, the initial republican [as in supporter of a republic] revolts against monarchy. Libertarians across the Western World rebelled against the Christian-theocracy status quo of absolute monarchs.

During the American Civil War, General William T Sherman did everything mandatory to forcing libertarian values onto the radically Christian theocracies of the mid-19th century American South. I am not going to speak his tactics because those are not central to this topic, but I will say that after a massive defeat was handed to religious radicalism, the American South became unconditionally submissive to the Reconstruction era, which was basically a time of repairing the damages done by slavery and by the Civil War. And there are barely, if any, American South Christians today who support slavery. We, the libertarians, performed the initiation force to get Christianity in the American South to renounce slavery and to embrace legal equality for all individuals no matter their skin tone.

Next, during World War II, when the Nazi German empire was swallowing most of Europe and using the Catholic sector of Christianity as its warrant to behave the ways it was, Winston Churchill did what was mandatory in Dresden and in almost every Nazi German city to forcing European Christianity to embrace moral freedom, political freedom and economic freedom. The British libertarians forced European Christianity to renounce its theocratic monarchy ways to become a libertarian entity.


I have just educated you on how we, the libertarians, did what the U.S. “libertarian” party forces its members to pledge against doing: We historically spent three or four centuries using the initiation of force to achieve political and cultural goals. And you will notice the title does not single out Christianity. We the libertarians did this to other organized religions as well, and there is only one organized religion left for we the libertarians to force libertarian principles onto. I will let you readers guess who that is…

That’s all I got this morning. Thanks all,



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