Whats Right And Wrong With Israel?


I support Israel’s right to exist as its own nation, but I do see many flaws with it. No, the fact that it is fighting retaliatory war against the Jihad is not one of them. This post is about everything right with Israel as well as everything actually wrong with Israel.

What’s Right?

  1. Firstly, Israelis are smarter than we are in rejecting creationism and espousing evolutionary biology. 54% of Israelis accept that humans and other present-day animals evolved from pre-historic animals, while here in America only 46% of us accept this reality.
  2. Next, Doing Business in Israel is within the 60 easiest places on Earth [out of nearly 200 places], starting a small business there takes 13 days and has 5 procedures to do and the price is three and a half% of $35,000 average annual income (therefore $1225). Evidence here.
  3. Also, Israel has a mostly free economy like the U.S. has, and according to projections the amount of economic freedom in Israel is slowly growing.
  4. In the Political Freedom field, Israel is one of the world’s closest ‘flawed democracies’ to a Full Democracy.
  5. Spiritually, 65% of Israelis are either Atheist, Deist, and/or other Irreligious.
  6. The Human Dignity section of Israel’s Basic Law guards several civil liberties, including ones like freedom of speech and freedom of religion that are simplistically referred to as “rights to dignity”.
  7. In the field of moral freedom, Israel has high sexual freedom at a score of 76, but remorsefully this is where we get into what’s wrong.

What’s Wrong?

  1. In the Moral Freedom field, Israel evidently has only a 48% score on freedom of religion, due to the poison of Zionism forcing Judaism onto the Irreligious majority.
  2. Also in this field, Israel is far worse than we Americans are at abstaining from the war on drugs.
  3. Israeli bioethical freedom is half of what we the American people have for bioethical freedom.
  4. The Israeli military is built on drafting and mandatory national service, things that are blatantly anti-liberty
  5. Knesset, Israel’s equal to U.S. Congress, forces the Israeli military to fight Israel’s opposition with self-crippling means that forbid their military from doing everything mandatory to defeating the Jihad and to making not want to attack Israeli civilians anymore. For examples:
    • No-Quarter policies that prove themselves to be mandatory to defeating armed forces of enemies (like the Salafi movement who obsess over doing perfidy) are remorsefully forbidden.
    • Scorched-earth moves against every single Barracks, Mess Hall, Vehicle, Weapon, Hardware piece, Software piece, etc. that have proven themselves mandatory to defeating enemies (like Iran who obsess on doing genocide to Israel’s entire Irreligious majority) long before the digital age started, are remorsefully forbidden.

Overall verdict

Israel I think is the most flawed of the Western World nations, but also I think is the best behaved of any nation in the Middle East or near the Muslim World.


I have not really said much that is big to say about Israel until now. Though, I don’t think that Israel is perfect, I also think they are generally a morally good nation, with one of its worst defense policies being their apparent addiction to putting enemy civilian lives above Israeli military lives; Israel needs an ethical egoist military policy, and to abolish their drafting. Thanks readers,



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