Libertarian Atheist Explores and Analyzes Sun Tzu’s Art of War


It appears as though Sun Tzu is heavily changing my mind on how to truly destroy the Salafi movement, including ISIS, and on how to exert the “Empire of Liberty” globally.

I can easily say good-bye to Ayn Rand’s and Yaron Brook’s insights into how wars ought to be conducted. I am still in favor of a huge and dynamic US military and I am still in favor of the War On the Salafi Movement, and I am still in favor of Liberation war. But this link is really phenomenal at showing me how the US Congress and US Military should conduct its War On the Salafi Movement! It endorses brains over ruthless force, and it opens up intellectually how to win wars at minimal self-sacrifice!

Fits Better With My Thinking Style

Here is the link I am reading The Art Of War through. I am seeing ideals that I think will make me a much healthier person in the head not just in discussing politics but also in my strategy battle gaming with my Games Workshop miniatures!

I am a factual and science-minded person, and so it is only natural for Sun Tzu to change my mind on how a free society’s military should conduct a Liberation war, now that I actually read a university’s online copy of his “The Art Of War” book.


I know I am going to finish reading it soon, and I think I will be reading this Art Of War thing once per week or per month, maybe. In the mean time, I still think Yaron Brook is a genius on foreign policy, but I think Sun Tzu is just the wiser genius to turn to. Thanks all,



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