Keith Farrell invites libertarians to reality


So…. I googled “pro-military libertarian” and the very first result I find that is actually grounded in science and history, in what it says, is predictably a Libertarian Republic article. This wonderful article showed me to someone named Keith Farrell who wrote this wonderful article I will link you to here.

Not only do I realize the default Pro-whatever label to attach to a libertarian of my style of libertarianism is not pro-military but instead Pro-defense, but also I know now that my presidential hero for the 2016 elections who I am writing in, Austin Petersen, has a member of his website who may very well be ideologically with me on most foreign policy issues, more so than Petersen himself.

To reward this author Farrell for his article, I am going to introduce him to the two words he might be looking for:


This term is more often used to refer to libertarians who vote Republican, but very often can be used to refer to someone who follows Petersen’s domestic example of exerting incrementalism, the ideal of solving problems in small steps rather than large ones, and a genuinely Pro-defense and Pro-America foreign policy.


Indeed the bigger word with the more stigma to it, thanks to the pacifist “libertarians”, this term is entirely about a foreign policy of bringing freedom to the world. Not much else for me to say to explain it.

How I’ll brand myself

Due to how disgusted by normal Americans for blind worship of candidates like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and how nauseated I am by much of my generation looking at Bernie Sanders as some kind of revival of Jesus, I cannot call myself Pro-America, but I will very gladly call myself a “Pro-Defense, Pro-West libertarian”. And by “West” I’m referring to all Western world nations and all Western minded nations, which sadly for at least four years are going to be leaderless. I don’t like it that way and I don’t want it to be that way, but it is that way.

In case anyone’s wondering, the Western world nations are the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the 12 other Oceanian countries, and every European State (on the linked-to map in green) except for Belarus.

The Western minded nations are Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, South Africa, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and a really small nation I only recently heard of called Macau.


So, yes, people, please read that article, it is absolutely amazing, but be warned there are various ads on that site. Thanks all,



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