An Irish Atheist Libertarian’s Ideological Self-Reflection


I watched an episode of this YouTube show “The Rubin Report”, wherein the host Dave interviewed a very intelligent libertarian radio pundit named Larry Elder. They were having conversation in this episode that got me thinking: perhaps I must reflect on myself ideologically.

So without further holdup, I give to you my self-reflection.


I was born in a city hospital in the southwest edge of New Haven County of CT. I will not say which city or which hospital here on WordPress, because I am not yet ready to. I was raised for the large majority of my life entirely in a town on the north edge of the same County, and I spent the first six years of my life going through mental training/processing to radically reduce the autism in my brain to be so minimal as to only be a trivial handicap to some of my understandings of certain sociological realities. In other words, the first six years of my life I spent getting heavy reform to become able to mostly think and act like most of my fellow millennials.

After this training, age 6, I discovered my love for science and my plans to become a paleontologist in my 30’s, and I first learned the necessity of scientific reasoning and to some degree of moral freedom.

Then at age 9 I had seen the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy and from that I learned not just my fascination with the LOTR human legion known as the Easterlings, but more importantly I learned my desire to make a Medieval-like fantasy saga of my own and merely three years later I became an active collector, modeler, painter and gamer in context of Games Workshop’s Middle-earth product line. My passion for Games Workshop stuff began to some degree my understanding of the necessity of economic freedom.

When I was a teen, I made ideological changes of mind like abandoning Catholicism for Secular Morality in my early teens, and abandoning the naive worldview I was raised on for an “Empire of Liberty” worldview in my middle teens, and lastly adopting the labels “neolibertarian”, “republitarian”, and of course just plain “libertarian” in my late teens to describe my politics. All of this before I registered to vote when I was seventeen.

Nowadays, I am acting on my aspirations in ways like improving my work ethic at my front-end grocery store job with no shortfalls at all, getting essential documents for college mailed to my chosen colleges, and admitting to flaws of mine like the biggest obstruction to my aspirations at this time: Writer’s Block.

Can You, the LDA, Be Called Conservative?

I may be a very moderately rightist kind of guy, but I can never be called liberal or conservative. Instead the popular thing to call me out of honesty is libertarian. I support limiting federal government power to what’s in Article One Section Eight of the Constitution, and limiting state and local government power to just emergency services, courts, prisons, rehabs and infrastructure; and I advocate reimposing Gold-Standard monetarism on our currency.

All of such issues as healthcare, gay marriage, voluntary euthanasia, drug policy, education, abortion, wage standards, charity, gun policy, paid temporary leave, labor unions, offshore banking, Bit Coin, pensions, overtime pay, gender identity, science funding, environmental policy and Planned Parenthood should be decided on a private sector level by a free market economy with no monopolies and that is subject only to three norms:

  • Supply And Demand
  • Individual Freedom
  • the Golden Rule

Simple as that despite me pouring so many words into this section.

Have You Supported Rand Paul?

You know, I heavily admire Rand Paul on nearly everything economically and on a slim majority of things socially, but his foreign policy and defense views are his father’s out-of-touch naivety on diet pills, put it that way. I did have times when I was considering backing him…

But for most of 2015 and until February 2016, I was backing Marco Rubio because I believed at the time Rubio had the foreign policy and defense positions that were legit for spreading freedom to the world, or in other words for the Empire of Liberty.

But then he dropped his campaign and it just so happened that the Libertarian Party was advertising several candidates including a guy called Austin Petersen I could relate more to politically than I could to Rubio (93% compared to 82% according to my memory of taking the iSideWith online quiz), because Austin Petersen had more in common with me domestically than Rand Paul did and Petersen may not share Rubio’s support for Empire of Liberty but Petersen shares the trait of not being pacifist and favoring a strong national defense (Petersen and Rubio have somewhat differing ideas of strong national defense, it would seem though, at least to me).

Which leads me right into the nausea I always get from remembering that the default overseas doctrine of countless libertarians, though not of mainline libertarianism, is something like this:

  1. Anti-Defense
  2. Anti-America
  3. Anti-Israel
  4. Pro-Cultural Relativism
  5. Pro-Respecting Tyrannies
  6. Anti-Empire of Liberty

As for me I happen to think it is properly radical libertarian to have the total polar opposite six-pillar foreign policy doctrine:

  1. Pro-Defense
  2. Pro-America
  3. Pro-Israel
  4. Anti-Cultural Relativism
  5. Anti-Respecting Tyrannies
  6. Pro-Empire of Liberty

So… Can You explain these planks?

Absolutely I can, with great happiness. I will explain one plank at a time.

Plank 1 = Pro-Defense

I believe very strongly in a bigger volunteer national defense with absolutely no drafting at all, i.e. get rid of selective service, with somewhat higher spending, in contrast to what is presently the case with America’s uniquely honorable military.

However, these reforms when I call for them come with low-price equipment fixations attached. For example, Petersen mentioned he wanted to abolish the F-35 Lightning planes as they are remarkably expensive compared to the better-performing A-10 Thunderbolt planes and I am fully with him on that.

It was this reform proposal of Petersen’s that got my brain gearing; i.e. I apply this fiscal conservative logic to handheld firearms, by calling for the $1120 M4A1 carbines to be abolished for extra room for more of those $673 M16 rifles which are similar in almost every way performance wise.

I also believe any free nation (one with acceptable to high moral freedom, hybrid-democratic to fully democratic political freedom, and moderately free to fully free economies) has the moral right to have a drone program included in it’s national Right of Self-Defense.

Lastly, I support replacing all drafting and all selective service with expansion of the roster of qualified volunteers by offering optional military training and/or war studies classes in high schools and colleges alike.

Plank 2 = Pro-America

Despite what we hear from many libertarians about America, the United States is actually a top-notch 7-or-more-out-of-10 performer in almost every arena that a nation ought to be 6 or more out of 10 in to be considered a ‘libertarian regime’, if you will.

Like here are the scores to the nearest integers out of 10:

  • Human Development = America scores a nine
  • Democracy = America scores an eight
    • Political pluralism = America scores a nine
    • Government functioning = America scores an eight
    • Political participation = America scores a seven
    • Political culture = America scores an eight
    • Civil Liberties = America scores a eight
  • Economic Freedom = America scores an eight
  • Moral Freedom = America scores an eight
    • Religious Freedom = America scores a ten
    • Bioethical Freedom = America scores a nine
    • Sexual Freedom = America scores a seven
    • Family/Gender = America scores a nine
  • Abstinence from Slavery = America scores a nine
  • Infant Mortality = America scores an eight
  • Gender Equality =  America scores a seven
  • Inter-racial Tolerance = America scores a ten (says this map)

How can any libertarians ignore this at all? This is something also that makes Austin Petersen far better than one like Gary Johnson: Petersen loves America, and so do I.

Plank 3 = Pro-Israel

Out of all the entire Greater Middle East, Israel is the closest nation in the region to a ‘libertarian regime’, so to the huge portion of libertarians who are anti-Israel:

  1. Israel has the highest human development of any GME nation
  2. Israel is a ‘flawed democracy’ drastically close to full democracy, all other nations in the GME is just a barbaric, authoritarian blood-hole
  3. Israel has the most religious freedom of any nation in the GME at five times out of ten, all other nations respect religious liberty four times or fewer out of ten, if ever
  4. Israel may not be world leader in Bioethical freedom (America has that honor), but they are certainly the second highest in bioethical liberty in the GME. Only Tunisia currently stands higher.
  5. Israel is also second only to Tunisia in sexual freedom when it comes to the Greater Middle East, but put it this way: In Israel, bioethical freedom and sexual liberty are old. In Tunisia, these ideals are new.
  6. Israel leads the rest of the Greater Middle East in Family freedom and Gender liberty by a vastly long way: The next-highest is Tunisia who has half the family/gender freedom Israel has, statistically observing.
  7. Israel is the Greater Middle East’s leading enemy of Slavery, says Global Slavery index
  8. Israel is the best in the GME at keeping newborn infants alive, and even stands to some degree above the United States!
  9. Israel leads the rest of the GME in Gender Equality according to Global Gender Gap Report

I doubt there is a single scientific-minded fellow libertarian who will be anything on Israel other than very strongly Pro-Israel after fact-checking the above notations.

Plank 4 = Anti-Cultural Relativism

I am very much against cultural relativism, the fiction that all cultures are somehow inherently equal and good. That’s not how humanity works:

  • Western culture stands on top of all other cultures in anything my fellow hard-core libertarians generally agree is good:
    1. Human Development = Western culture
    2. Democracy = Western culture
    3. Economic freedom = Western culture
    4. Moral freedom = Western culture
    5. Abstinence from slavery = Western culture
    6. Women’s property rights = Western culture
    7. Women’s physical security = Western culture
    8. Legal Equality for Gays = Western culture
    9. Legal Equality for the transgendered = Western culture
    10. Infant Mortality = Western culture
    11. Opposition to Child Labor = Western culture
    12. Ratio of overall Gender Equality = Western culture
  • Western Civilization is inherently better-behaved than any other multi-national civilization in the entire species of Homo Sapiens.

Western culture is sort of a revolt against human nature, which is grounded in millions of years of “kill or be killed or steal” brand of animalism.

And libertarians are oftentimes fascinated by civil revolt, aren’t we? In this case I applaud Western culture as a civil revolt against Traditional human nature.

Plank 5 = Anti-Respect for Tyrannies

I cannot say libertarians are good at being “freedom believers” (libertarian is Latin for freedom believer) if most of my fellow libertarians are calling for America and other Western-world countries to refuse to defend parliamentary libertarians and small-government constitutionalists everywhere and demanding Western culture to just let tyrannical cultures run rampant.

Which is why I believe in a foreign policy like this:

  • Peace, commerce and honest friendship with free nations, entangling alliances with none
  • Mutual respect between libertarian republics
  • Giving compassion to tyranny is inherently the stuff of mental instability

I cannot say it is radically libertarian or extremist libertarianism to treat tyrants as anything other than hunting targets, but I must point out there are other tools in the hunting toolbox besides military warfare:

  1. Letters of Marque and Reprisal
  2. Diplomatic Westernization
  3. Economic Retaliation
  4. Free-migration policies of Assimilating refugees into Western culture

I believe about tyrannical societies as Ayn Rand did, but I am paraphrasing here:

  • “A Tyrannical Society is a Gang Regime and can therefore morally claim absolutely no rights to life, liberty or independence whatsoever.”

Plank 6 = Pro-Empire of Liberty

Thomas Jefferson was on the entirely right track morally when he devised his theme of “Empire of Liberty”. Sickening to me to know it is only a minority of libertarians (43%) who favor Empire of Liberty policies. But thanks to this theme, I know to favor the spreading of freedom to the world, not the spread of democracy, but instead:

  • The spread of free-market capitalism
  • The spread of free-society liberalism
  • The spread of parliamentary republicanism
  • The spread of small-government constitutionalism

Just as America was founded on the ideal of a libertarian country, Empire of Liberty was thought up on the ideal of a libertarian planet, and according to the following notion from Thomas Jefferson maybe a libertarian cosmos:

  • “Where this progress will stop no one can say. Barbarism has, in the mean time, been receding before the steady step of amelioration; and will in time, I trust, disappear from the Earth.”

Many major exponents would exert Empire of Liberty long after Jefferson’s passing, some correctly according to the results as known from history, some not so much.

Point being that many libertarians oppose Empire of Liberty for reasons that make my brain violate itself, after finishing 10th grade and espousing the label and ideology of ‘libertarian’ I have never opposed Empire of Liberty.

Any Specific Triumphs of Empire of Liberty You’d Like To Bring Up?

Sure, let me make a list:

  1. American Revolutionary War
  2. The Barbary Wars
  3. American Civil War
  4. World War 1 (Middle Eastern front only)
  5. World War 2 (European front and Japanese front alike)
  6. Cold War (in Eastern Europe and in South Korea)

Those are the biggest successes of this Empire of Liberty theme I advocate for, so it has marvelous potential in the current War on Salafism.


Well, that was a giant one. Thanks to all of you readers for reading this post,



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