My Libertarian View Vs Average Conservative View: Federalism And Social Issues


I am neither a liberal nor a conservative, I am a libertarian, and thus I have a federalist view of how geopolitical jurisdictions ought to be ruled.

Similarly, most conservatives have a federalist view of regime power in a nation. As a libertarian my federalism differs from conservative federalism by valuing freedom over tradition, while conservative federalism, as far as I observe, gives priority to individual freedom only on the economic side of the domestic policy ‘coin’ if you will, but not on the social side.

National Government

I believe that the national government should be limited to handling border security, assimilating immigrants into Western culture, building a volunteer military, hiring private-sector mercenaries to quell foreign terrorist threats, managing diplomatic friendships, holding and printing money according to a Gold Reserve, and upholding free trade, that’s it.

State & Local Governments

I believe that state and local governments should be limited to providing emergency services like police, fire fighters and ambulance; providing justice system elements like courts, prisons and rehabilitation; and building infrastructure and producing postal service.

Private Sector

I believe that all economic issues like minimum wage, welfare, healthcare, education, overtime pay, offshore banking, BitCoin, pensions, and so on need to be handled on a private sector level by Main Street production, also called Small Business, and the handling should only be limited by three factors:

  1. Supply and Demand
  2. Individual Freedom
  3. The Bill of Rights

Unlike conservatives who believe state and local government should handle social issues, I as a libertarian believe all social issues like gay marriage, gun policy, drug policy, abortion, voluntary euthanasia, science policy, Planned Parenthood, and so forth need to be handled on a private sector level by Main Street production, and this handling should only be limited by three norms:

  1. Supply and Demand
  2. Individual Freedom
  3. The Bill of Rights

Free-market liberalism is the name of the game as far as I am concerned, and I think that the force of Supply and Demand, with the force of Individual Freedom, should be the two and only forces regulating the dealings of everyday people on economic and social issues.

The Founders and the Polls

The U.S. Founding Fathers were libertarians, and set up our country and our Constitution on the idea that national government should only provide a small roster of national public services. Also state & city governments should only provide similarly small rosters of local public services and that nearly all services should be provided by the free market, laissez-faire economics which give priority to individual freedom. Looking at the ten types of libertarian, the styles of libertarianism the Founders founded America on were fiscal libertarianism and classical liberalism, and according to present day polling data most American commoners, including me, are domestically on board with the Founders’ hybrid of fiscal libertarian and classical liberal, many simply don’t know that yet.

Even majorities of my fellow millennials are hard-core classical liberal along with soft-core fiscal libertarian, according to the Reason Magazine report “Unclaimed Generation”.

So, indeed, this is my domestic policy platform, in short summary post.


That’s all I got for today, just wanted to talk about federalism for a bit. Thank you readers,



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