A Thought On American Political Issues Domestically


Taking a break from foreign policy to talk about what I believe to be right for America, or any nation in general, domestically.

To sum it up before explanation though, I think that on every level ~ national, state, local and even overseas territorial ~ government should only have a small number of things to do, the national to-do list being even shorter than the state/local/territorial to-do list. And on top of this I think everything else should not be matters of government control of legality but rather the free market should grow and shrink the pragmatism of decisions according to the laws of supply and demand.

And one more thing before we begin: I don’t think I am the only one who thinks this, most Americans are libertarians but don’t know it yet, the Founding Fathers were libertarians! The Founders agreed with, and recorded in documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, the idea that human rights belong to everyone and that government only exists to uphold human rights, that We The People give government a small list of things to do locally and an even smaller list of things to do nationally and almost every issue in economy, society and culture should be left to the free market. That’s how America was started, that’s how other Western countries were incentivized to reform themselves to be after America’s founding, and I trust that is how a middle 60’s percentage of Americans, including a low 70’s percentage of U.S. millennials like me, honestly feel when they analyze politics factually and spend about a dozen minutes per day on Wikipedia educating oneself about public policy ideas.

Okay then, onto the fine details.

National Government Powers

I believe in a minimal state on every level of government, which means in the national case there is a very short list of things to do:

  1. Print cash according to volume of Gold Reserves
  2. Mint coins according to volume of Silver Reserves
  3. Assimilate immigrants into Western culture
  4. Build a volunteer military
  5. Formally declare war on foreign aggressors
  6. Issue Bounty letters against foreign aggressors

That’s it.

Government Powers on the State, Local, and Territorial levels

Let me cut right to the list:

  1. Maintain a Police department
  2. Sponsor traffic direction
  3. Build up roads
  4. Retain a fire department
  5. Have ambulances ready to go
  6. Sponsor the courts and trials
  7. Facilitate the Prisons
  8. Make the rules of the road
  9. Keep up the natural parks and monuments
  10. Finance public sector scientific progress
  11. Provide & defend copyrights to intellectual property
  12. Sponsor the postal services

Nothing else.

What about everything else?

I believe that abortion, gay marriage, voluntary euthanasia, healthcare, education, medical marijuana, recreational drugs, non-nutritious foods, revealing fashions, gun ownership, green energy, pornography, welfare, wage standards, birth controls, pension plans, offshore banking, labor unions, immigrant labor, the 180+ different gender pay gaps (80+ of which pay women more than men by the way), Planned Parenthood, overseas trade, overtime pay, paid sick leave, paid family leave, paid vacation leave;

All of these things that government makes laws for or against they should not be dictating the status quo of or even have the status quo of them at the mercy of absolute majority rule. Instead all of these things should have the status quo of them altered by the free market, within the laws of supply and demand.

I have my own stances I take out of seeing the world through a paleontological view on these issues, but I have no problem with the implication I’m sure this idea comes with:

That some norms I support might be more expensive to live by than the alternatives that I oppose for scientific, historical and logical reasons; as a result of the law of supply and demand being the only law addressing these issues I mentioned above.

And the golden rule, that’s the only social norm that I think should guide how people treat each other. The golden rule should in fact be the only norm government enforces, and even the only against physical coercion occurring in real life against people or their property.

I believe that domestic policy should just be for government to let the free market decide the norms based on the law of supply and demand paired with the golden rule, both economically and in terms of social issues. The government should only interfere to enforce the golden rule against behaviors which are malum in se.

Under this kind of system, people would be able to decide what is right and wrong for themselves individually more naturally then even they do now, including not needing to change who they are or what principles they personally abide by.


Perhaps people were expecting another lecture on foreign affairs and defense, but I will get to that later. Thanks all for understanding my view,



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