Vote Gary Johnson or Write In Austin Petersen?


Knowing that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should not be president, there is quite a question I propose to my fellow Libertarian Partiers: vote Gary Johnson or Write-in Austin Petersen?

Voting Gary Johnson

So, the benefit of voting Gary Johnson is that is simpler and more straight to the point and its the option that Austin Petersen has often made clear he wants us to utilize. But the drawback is he a little too similar to the mainstream LP platform for most voters, especially Independents, to take seriously.

Writing Austin Petersen In

The benefit of writing in Austin Petersen is it will make a clear statement to the LP that he best represents American values of any candidates offered by them. Another benefit is you will be restoring the American Dream by doing so. But the drawback is that Austin Petersen has less name recognition than Johnson has.

The Answer

You pick. I am going to write in Austin Petersen, and I want you voters reading this to vote your principles but I would like to suggest writing in Austin Petersen, but those of you who look to vote Gary Johnson are free to do so as far as I am concerned.


Very brief, I know. I post here rather rarely lately. But I promise I will come out with more. Thank you readers,



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