Moral Size and Role for Government and What People apparently Make of it


No, this is not a conservative post in any sense other than constitutional conservative. Matter a fact, fiscal conservatism and constitutional conservatism are the only kinds of conservative I can identify with.

Otherwise, do not call me a conservative and don’t be calling me liberal either. Call me a libertarian, and this is my post about how government ought to work.

Listed Powers of National Gov’t

I support a purist application of Article One Section Eight as it gives the federal government a small list of things to do through Congress:

  1. Taxing sales and not incomes
  2. Spend within a Balanced Budget basis
  3. Print Money within the amount of gold reserves
  4. Build a volunteer military
  5. Fight back against foreign aggression
  6. Adapt immigrants into Western culture
  7. Promote and Defend modern sciences
  8. Provide post offices and postal stamps
  9. Enforce the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  10. Grant and defend copyrights

Nothing else.

The Domestic Issues

Like I may have said in an earlier post; I think that

  1. welfare,
  2. education,
  3. healthcare,
  4. abortion,
  5. gay marriage,
  6. minimum wage,
  7. social security,
  8. gender pay gaps,
  9. overtime pay,
  10. offshore banking,
  11. online stores,
  12. BitCoin,
  13. recreational drugs,
  14. gun ownership,
  15. exotic pets,
  16. food trucks,
  17. trade deals,
  18. sugary treats,
  19. alcoholic drinks,
  20. plastic bags,
  21. revealing clothes,
  22. M-rated video games,
  23. trans fats,
  24. pornography,
  25. e-cigarettes,
  26. gambling,
  27. Planned Parenthood,
  28. birth controls,
  29. child adoption,
  30. pension funding,
  31. political activism;

all of these above products that government makes laws about either federally or on a state by state basis there should be no government interference on in my view the popularity, production and prices of them should rise and fall within the law of supply and demand as guides a free market economy with no monopolies.

This is what I, as a registered Libertarian Partisan myself, trust many libertarian Republicans and most libertarian Independents believe as well.

I am convinced by a Reason Magazine report from 2014 that most U.S. millennials are moderate libertarians but don’t know it yet, the Founding Fathers were libertarians! The Founding Fathers drafted a couple of documents, a constitution and a declaration of independence, saying that human rights come from nature and belong to every human on the planet, that every national government on Earth should only have enough powers to provide for the collective defense and individual freedom of its people, and that everything not listed in the short list of government powers should be decided by the individuals.

Not to mention, free markets with their adherence to law of supply and demand are as practical as it gets when leaving issues and products at the mercy of individuals’ rulings as the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution does.

This is how America was started, this is what inspired the constitutional safeguards of civil rights starting with Amendments 13 and 14 and 15, and I trust this is how most Americans would feel if they spent roughly 20 minutes per day researching public policy topics on politically neutral sites like Wikipedia.

Majority Opinions prove most Americans are Libertarians & don’t know it yet

Gay Rights

  • 58% of Americans do not want the government making laws about marriage
  • 56% of Americans refuse to let government regulate how schools manage their bathrooms
  • 61% of Americans want government to call gay marriage valid
  • 57% of Americans want transgender people to be able to use the bathrooms they choose
  • 75% favor applying legal equality to transgender people
  • 80% favor applying legal equality to gay and lesbian people

First Amendment

Nanny Laws

  • 62% of Americans oppose banning e-cigarettes
  • 71% of Americans favor legally allowing foods to have trans fat in them
  • 76% of Americans oppose banning carbonated drinks with high caffeine content
  • 65% of Americans want online gambling legalized
  • 66% of Americans oppose banning the sale of M-rated video games
  • 60% of Americans want the government to keep tolerating plastic bags

Economy & Immigration

War On Drugs

  • 54% of Americans want recreational weed legalized
  • 89% of Americans want medicinal weed legalized
  • 74% of Americans say we are losing the drug  war and should quit it


Indeed I might have more to explain, but I am going to stop here for now. Thanks to you all for reading,



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