How Much of A Feminist is a Neolibertarian like the Libertarian Defense Atheist?


I never go on the website Buzz Feed, I as a neolibertarian always stick to its libertarian equal “Liberty Viral”. However, a favorite YouTuber of mine called Shoe On Head (a green-eyed brunette who loves to use humor and satire to get her views about modern left-wing feminisms across and whose humor I love to laugh about) showed me a link to this quiz called “how much of a feminist are you” and so I took it. Here is how I took it and what I got:

Checks And Reasons

Would I be willing to give up some of my salary to ensure equal pay?

No, because the equal pay proposal ignores many factors like how there are 184 different gender pay gaps and how 80 to 84 of these see men being paid less then women. So in those jobs, I would not want a woman losing some of her salary to ensure equal pay.

The non-feminism factor of economics is how corporate, payroll, and other income taxes eat up tons of labor potential of the worker, no matter the worker’s gender. Then the company’s ability to voluntarily give equal pay is prevented by government charging big companies and small companies $7,755 per worker and $10,585 per worker respectively to comply with 87,000 superstitious restrictions that have nothing to do with the golden rule.

Do I believe men and women should be equal?

Yes, absolutely! The Declaration of Independence and the 14th Amendment of the Constitution make it so! Racism and Misogyny were what General William Sherman carried out the Savannah Campaign against! And I am proud to treat men and women alike as human beings, and will continue to apply the Bill of Rights equally to both genders!

Am I bothered by misogynistic lyrics in music?

No, unless certain mentally distorted individuals who callously disregard individual freedom take such lyrics literally, and even then thats the fault of the listener and not of the musician.

Do I know who Bell Hooks is?

Um… No, but I know who Mary Wollstonecraft is, I know who Wendy McElroy is, does the maker of this quiz know Wendy McElroy?

Can I define Intersectional feminism?

Yes: it is a the one of left-wing feminisms that sees issues with little if anything to do with gender roles as feminist issues. And this is the second time I have implied there are left-wing feminisms and right-wing feminisms.

Do I avoid getting the attention of men and women alike saying ‘hey guys’?

No, mainly because I do not recall being raised to. By either of my parents.

Have I taken women’s studies classes?

No, I have not.

Do I think it is good to advise girls to pursue careers in science?

TOTALLY EPIC YES! I am more passionate about science and liberty than any other value I have ever come across! I would equally advise every little person – girl or boy – to chase a career in science!

Should women be allowed into a job if they are 60% qualified?

No, and neither should men who are merely 60% qualified.

Should we change women’s bathroom symbols to not include traditional female clothing?

No, only if the owner of the property on which the gender-specific bathroom sits wishes to do so voluntarily.

Should Trans gender people be allowed to use the bathroom they identify with?

As someone who believes genders are genetically decided, I will say yes for as long as government will stay out of the issue.

Do I think it is important to encourage women to negotiate?

As someone who is a breathing encyclopedia of foreign policy realities, I say Yes because all people of all free societies who aspire to public office should know how to talk to free societies and how to talk to tyrannies as well, and believe me, talking nice to tyrannies is rather venomous practice.

Should Jennifer Lawrence get exactly what her male costars got?

To pay by such a standard I think would be very counterproductive to her acting talents that I can agree with other YouTuber Film Master Adam are amazing, therefore No. She should get tons of pay based on her acting merits.

Should a movie be required to pass the Bechdel Test?

No, because it is overwhelmingly rare (at least in my taste in movies and fictions) for a work of fiction to fail that test.

Do I believe both genders are entitled to the same political and social rights?

Absolutely Yes! I believe both genders should be able to live under classical liberalism wherever in the planet they are!

Can I explain why “77 cents on the dollar” is not accurate?

Yes, I can, and I did in answer to the very first question here.

Do I believe richer luckier women have a duty to advocate for their less rich, less lucky counterparts?

Depends on what you mean by this. On one hand I believe that the individual should chase her own self-interest without violating anyone else, but on the other hand government is so swollen these days that I’m convinced luckier women may need to defend their less lucky counterparts.

If I had a daughter would I tell her she could be anything she wanted to be?

YES, I absolutely WOULD tell my daughter, if I had one, she could do any goal she set her mind and behavior to! That’s what makes American Exceptionalism magical and moral is in America any woman from any demographic or any foreign country can achieve anything that suits their own individual talents!

Would I make it clear to my daughter from birth that her relationship status will never define her?

Yes, of course I would. I would teach her from birth that it is her behavior and her level of respect for the golden rule and her willingness to self-defend, are the things that define her.

Would I rather praise a woman’s personality traits than praise her looks?

Giant Obvious YES to this one. The thing almost all women love about me is I praise their intellect and work ethic as I see fit and I don’t use a realist’s filter.

Does a woman have a right to choose what happens to her body?

Total Yes without exception until you speak of an unborn child. Must I go on?

Should I automatically believe the accuser in a case of sexual assault of the accuser?

No, to do so would be a violation of the 5th Amendment mandate of Due Process, which by definition (treat all involved in a case with respect) requires me to extend empathy to the accuser while assuming the accused to be innocent until proven guilty.

Can I explain Marlene Dietrich’s influence on women’s fashion?

No, as I don’t know who that is.

Do I know what a “bad feminist” is?

Yes, it is one who promotes a collectivist and authoritarian and big-government style of feminism, while a Good feminist is one who promotes an individualist, libertarian, small-government and constitutionalist brand of feminism.

Should a woman be able to dress as she likes without being treated badly by society?

Yes, and as a man who normally likes to wear metal music shirts with knee-length trousers and my knuckle-length sleeved black raincoat, I say both genders should equally have freedom of choice in clothing.

Have I ever said a woman “asked for it”?

Of course no! I know all well what this means, and I think anyone who thinks there is such thing as “asking for it” is a barbarian who belongs outside of America.

Am I offended by catcalling?

Only if it is openly intended to cause harm.

Should women get VIP treatment at clubs over there gender?

No, and men should not be degraded in this way either.

Is police brutality a feminist issue?

Rand Paul says and I agree with him that the War On Drugs had a racially harmful outcome, and I see plenty of evidence of that. But my answer to this question is no until I see evidence of a sexually harmful outcome.

Should we stop promoting models as the ideal female figure?

No, because I think that would be harmful to the freedom and prosperity of those of women and men who enjoy being models. I refuse to ever be a model myself, but I think I must defend the right to bodily integrity.

Should we stop photoshopping women’s bodies in the media?

Only if the individual woman makes it clear she does not want to be photoshopped.

Have I ever called a woman bossy?

No, and the woman who started that Ban Bossy stuff, Condoleezza Rice, in my opinion should stick to addressing foreign policy realities because clearly that’s the political thing she, like me, is also extravagantly good at.

Should companies give female workers with children noteworthy amounts of time for their children?

Yes, but only if its voluntarily given time.

Should women have the same working opportunities as men?

Yes I do, because equality of opportunity means in this case giving the jobs to the women who are the most qualified.

Should a woman be allowed to pay for herself and her date?

Again, I am really hardcore individualist on everything, so yes she should be allowed to but absolutely not required to.

Should women have easy access to birth control?

Yes, I do! Because the War on Drugs does not work, abstinence programs do not work, and restricting women’s bodily integrity does not work. What is truly liberating at stopping abortions is allowing all birth controls, abolishing abstinence programs, and allowing sex education. That way, knowing life begins at the finish of a 14-day process called fertilization, women who had intercourse outside of their intentions can prevent the process from finishing.

Should domestic duties be shared in a romance?

Yes, they should, they should be voluntarily shared.

Should a couple have equal responsibility over the looks of their home?

Yes, the terms of a romance and of a marriage should be defined solely by the couple. Not by the government, and not by regular society either.

Should Men be advised to make choices for the wedding process?

If they are in the families of the marrying individuals, yes.

Do men and women have the same emotional strength?

No, because to me there are 7 billion people on Earth therefore 7 billion different brands of emotional strength.

Do I think it is morally mandatory for a man to physically defend a woman?

No, because a woman has a right to defend herself, and a man has a right to defend himself. And this Right of Self Defense also applies to the right to defend others.

Should men and women be equally advised to express their emotions?

No, because I value facts over feelings, In instead believe men and women should be equally advised to think factually.

Have I ever asked why women do not have children?

No, because it is not my concern whether other individuals reproduce.

Would I be equally excited to have a son or a daughter?

Yes, because I would raise him or her on the same core values and principles.

Is American workplace built in a way that is not helpful to women?

No, I see workplaces as built in ways of an equal opportunity basis and not equal outcome basis.

Should women help other women with their goals?

Yes, as long as they helping out voluntarily.

Is a woman equally as ready as a man to be President of the U.S.?

Yes, but only if the woman in question and the man in question both have a platform along the lines of the Libertarian Defense Caucus platform.

Do woman have a duty to be polite and friendly?

No, but I would advise men and women equally that it is better off to be polite than it is to be vulgar.

Have I ever criticized a woman for wearing too much make up or no make up?

No, because I have no interest in stating opinions on makeup.

Is a woman a woman if that is what she calls herself?

No, because I do want to support the right of people to identify with either gender but I also want people to know that biologically genders are genetically decided by chromosomes.


28 checks of the 50 on the list. Somehow Buzz Feed thinks I am super in-tune with feminist issues. They tell me to keep being me and to ‘stay woke’ whatever that means.


Well, that was a fun little experiment. Thank you all for reading about this topic here,



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