Foreign Policy & Defense Think Tanks Worthy of the Libertarian Philosophy


Hello, regular society and policy makers. I am an atheist with a secular morality whose politics consist of fiscal conservatism on economy and market liberalism on social issues. Plus I refuse to cram my social policy view into others’ brains, and so basically on politics I am a libertarian.

But don’t think that makes me a pacifist who worships a double standard in foreign relations that sets America up is always the baddie and favors downsizing the American military and sides against Israel in the Arab-Israeli Conflict and tolerates human rights abuses by every national government on Earth except America’s. That has nothing to do with where I am on foreign policy and military.

Instead I am adamantly Pro-U.S.-military, Anti-pacifism, Pro-Israel, Anti-Arab-League, Pro-America, and Pro-Human-Rights across the board on foreign policy and military issues.

I am going to list off think tanks worth atheists, deists, secularists and humanists in the libertarian movement reading articles from. In fact, this list of suggestions is for libertarians of all theological psychographics, religious and secular alike.

The Foreign Policy Initiative

The FPI (not to be confused with FBI) is in essence a think tank that actively promotes the very values Western Libertarianism was founded on in the Age of Enlightenment to the world, without caring about the party affiliations of its readers.

Which I assure my fellow registered Libertarian Partiers is a good thing that FPI is non-partisan because we of course know think tanks are just supposed to make advise on basis of facts on, in this case, the world around America.

Those values Foreign Policy Initiative has in common with libertarianism are as follows:

  • diplomatic interaction overseas
  • economic interaction overseas
  • friendship with America’s fellow free societies
  • political freedom
  • economic freedom
  • human rights

You can read what they have to say about the world here.

Council on Foreign Relations

Council on Foreign Relations is a think tank who is made up of close to 5000 people, ranging from human rights activists and journalists, to bankers and lawyers and professors, to CIA directors and former secretaries of state and former secretaries of defense.

How much better of a source material can think tanks get for the liberty movement?

Additionally, this Council is all about conveying the facts about the world around America without taking any official policy positions. If that’s not Independent voter mentality then I don’t know what is.

Read their stuff here.

American Foreign Policy Council

Ah, yes, another council but one that is all about U.S. foreign policy. These guys have been promoting an American foreign policy of free markets and US Constitution loyalty that fosters individualism and minarchism globally.


Well, since that’s the case, I am not sure if there is any better think tank on this list for the Liberty Movement. Plus the AFPC offers a diversity of policy options for each foreign policy issue.

Read their publications here.

American Security Council Foundation

These guys took their motto not from Ronald Raegan but rather from Emperor Hadrian who started saying it up to 1899 years ago. I think people may know what motto I am talking about, so I am not going to say it or link to it.

I will say however that this think tank does favor strength of three kinds, the first two of which libertarians are currently able to get behind all so easily: economic, diplomatic, and military.

Something this think tank has to offer to libertarians as well is a high favorability to human freedom, the thing that America and libertarianism were founded on.

These guys’ website and articles here.

American Israel Public Affairs Committee

I cannot stress enough how important it is for libertarians to be inherently Pro-Israel!

Israel is a little beach of individualism as in personal responsibility and equality of opportunity; rule of law as in due process, public trial by jury and questions of fact; economic freedom as in free markets, free trade and laissez-faire; freedom of thought as in freedom of association, freedom of speech, freedom of the media and freedom of religion; political freedom as in right to vote, right to petition and right to lobby; and minimal state as in democracy, republicanism and constitutionalism.

All surrounded by a huge semi-continental mass of lands of collectivism, mob rule, economic tyranny, thought policing, political tyranny, and totalitarian state.

The only problem I see is these guys want a Two-State solution with an Israel and a non-militaristic Palestine. I am skeptical of this part of their agenda because the Arab League has proven it will not allow a Two-State Solution that allows Israel to exist as the haven of secular libertarian principles that it is.

Check out how important Pro-Israel sentiment is for libertarians here.

Center for a New American Century

No, I don’t think this think tank has any connection to Marco Rubio except for having the three-word phrase “New American Century” as part of one’s politics.

However, these guys are Bipartisan and are about engaging people and parties with creative and factual research into the issues of foreign policy.

Not much else to know about them except by reading their stuff here.

Center for Global Development

Humanitarian work and economics are things libertarians ought to be allowed by their own principles to choose to voluntarily engage in. Hence this think tank is on this list.

These guys are all for multilateralism, innovation, freeing markets so poorer countries have easier time accessing them, gender equality, free migration, and free trade.

Do those values sound familiar to libertarians? I sure hope so as a libertarian myself.

Anyway, here’s where to read up on them.

Middle East Forum

American Interests. How does American libertarianism define American interests? It seems to me like American libertarian ideas of American Interests are free trade, free migration, and non-alliance friendships. As a libertarian who knows the difference between a stable alliance and an unstable alliance, I would add stable alliances to American libertarian interests.

Here comes a forum to promote the defending of American interests. Western thought is the other American libertarianism source materials that MEF is out to promote the defending of.

If the libertarian movement wants to learn what’s good for defending American libertarianism’s parents (Western values and American interest), then read here.

Foreign Policy tab; Ayn Rand Institute

ARI is a think tank belonging to the Objectivist movement, but ARI’s foreign policy department is a very wonderful think tank arena for the libertarian movement to be adapting into American libertarianism in place of the current LP mainstream of pacifism.

Yaron Brook is perhaps the best of this think tank on this category. He wrote this article that reading it with a fact-checking tab on Wikipedia at the ready will totally and healthily change the American libertarian idea of National Right of Self-Defense.

His article is known as “Just War Theory vs. American Self-Defense”.

Read that and other things here.


I have always been told to diversify my sources and to not use Wikipedia so much. Well, I am glad those lessons paid off in me finding these think tanks. Thank you readers,



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