To Seize over 70% of the popular vote; Libertarian Party needs to get real on foreign policy & on American Exceptionalism


Well, then. I just made a title urging Gary Johnson, Bill Weld, and the Libertarian Party to get real on foreign policy and on American Exceptionalism. Why did I do this? Let me be elaborate and colorful in my answer.

Where I get Voter Numbers

Real Clear Politics gives sense making analysis of how many Democrats love or hate Hillary, and of how many Republicans love or hate Trump.

  • Democrats for and against Hillary here
  • Republicans for and against Trump here

Plus, according to Statistic Brain, there are 146 million voters in total in this country.

Gallup Polling notes that 42% of these voters are Independents, 29% are Democrats and 26% are Republicans. 58% of Republicans are disgusted beyond reproach by Trump and 54% of Democrats are disgusted beyond renown by Hillary. Applying the Statistics to the number this means:

  • 61 million Independent voters
  • 38 million Republican voters
    • 22 million Anti-Trump Republican voters
  • 42 million Democrat voters
    • 23 million Anti-Hillary Democrat voters
  • Total votes for Gary Johnson & Bill Weld & the Libertarian Party to potentially earn mounts to 106 million votes from the popular vote.
  • I guarantee to anyone reading this that Independents like I am at heart are not going to vote for either of Trump or Hillary
  • I myself am registered to vote in the Libertarian Party and always will be and that’s why I am authoring this.

Just some very friendly and factual advise from one of their youngest New Haven County voters.

Who is the Council on Foreign Relations?

They are a foreign policy think tank in New York City who is made up of secretaries of state, secretaries of defense, Central Intelligence Agents, bankers, lawyers, professors, human rights activists, and journalists. Their agenda can be summed up by calling it fiscal conservatism and/or economic libertarianism: Free Trade, Global Exchange of Ideas, Laissez-faire regulatory burden, stable alliances, and…

Do these sound to the Libertarian National Committee authorities like the economic principles of the Libertarian Party? They sound like those economic principles to me, well, apart from stable alliances. But then again this brings me to my next phase of this typing.

The Libertarian Party Needs Urgently To Drop Its Pacifist Fantasies

There are many pacifist fantasies that LP urgently needs to drop in order to garner those 106 million votes I am predicting, myself included. Let me list them off:

  1. The fantasy that America is entirely to blame for all the world’s bad happenings
  2. The fantasy that radically downsizing the U.S. military will foster world peace for every one of Earth’s other free societies
  3. The fantasy that pulling the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard from the world will increase world peace
  4. The fantasy that there is no such thing as a difference between a stable alliance and an unstable alliance
  5. The fantasy that our troops need to go to war reluctantly and with regret in order to win what battles we do send them into
  6. The fantasy that making friendships with free societies morally replaces making alliances with them
  7. The fantasy that loving all foreign regimes – free society and tyrannical gulag alike – equally and doing trade and non-alliance friendship with all of them is how to make Humanity a peaceful utopia
  8. The fantasy that Israel is in the wrong of the Arab-Israeli conflict and that they’d be at peace with the Arab League if America had no ties at all to Israel
  9. The fantasy that multilateral councils like NATO and OECD are inherently wrong for America to be a part of
  10. The fantasy that cultural imperialism by Western culture is bad for all the same reasons that cultural imperialism by any other culture is bad
  11. The fantasy that if America is overtly nice to tyrannical gulags and loves them through trade and diplomacy and does no other kind of interaction with them then they will do regime change to themselves to become free societies overnight or at least overtime.
  12. The fantasy that foreign human rights situations and economic rights statuses have no effect at all on U.S. national interests

I got a whole legion of these I can name but for purposes of cutting to the chase I am going to stop the list of known “Establishment libertarian” fantasies right here. To debunk them by number,

  1. Human Nature is to blame for the wrongs of foreign regimes as a root cause, NOT American anything
  2. When the U.S. Military is bigger in size and friendlier with foreign free societies, those foreign free societies are safer from tyrannical gulags
  3. Pulling these from the world would cause enemy gulags like Saudi Arabia and Iran to feel empowered to destroy our current seven-decade-long world order that Eleanor Roosevelt set up in 1945 of free trade and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights being that “Law of Nations” that Article One Section Eight Clause Ten of the US Constitution refers to.
  4. By dictionary definition and by the behaviors of other countries YES THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! Ask Merriam Webster what the difference is between stable and unstable. Plus, George Washington’s advise was against entangling unstable alliances. That’s why he called his doctrine the Washington Doctrine of Unstable Alliances. Here are some screen caps I took:

    I rest my case.

  5. Contrast the success General William Sherman had in the American Civil War against the failure that General Tommy Franks had in the Iraq War, and come back to me with what you have learned.
  6. Eh, no. You can have a friendship with a free society that is not an alliance. You can even be eager to defend your friends from aggression by any means mandatory and not have to be allied to them. None of these facts make friendship an alternative to alliance, sorry.
  7. Evolutionary biology prevents humanity from working that way, LP. You are reading this from a guy who aspires to be a paleontologist, to which evolutionary biology is a key component. Barbaric animalism is the default nature of every species of animal including the human species (that’s us) and the result is we have bad regimes who hate the current Eleanor Roosevelt world order I mentioned earlier and we need to defend her creation any way we can against them
  8. Have you ever seen what values Israel operates on? Western values. Values from the European Age of Enlightenment, guess who’s values those are ideologically? LIBERTARIANISM’S! Israel is indeed a libertarian republic, just as we were set up by our Founding Fathers to be. 65% Atheist, Deist and Secularist libertarian republic as of exactly a full year ago, I may add. The Arab League on the other hand is founded on a Non-Arabs hating brand of Racial Nationalism (Arab Nationalism, simply put) and started the Arab-Israeli Conflict by putting its nearest members to Israel up to military invasions of Israel as preventive wars to stop any sort of land of free market economics, individualist feminism, modern science, and permissive society culture like Israel is a land of today from rising up next door to them.
  9. Multilateralism is actually ethically beneficial for America. Multilateralism teaches a free society how to hold on to stable alliances and how to maintain non-alliance friendships on top of that.
  10. Western culture is the one and only culture founded on… wait for it, wait for it… Libertarian values! All the others are founded on one form or another of despotism, this is reflected by human history having gone as it did, and by Western culture being at the top of EVERYTHING libertarians ought to prove they hold near and dear. Human Development? Western culture. Freedom from slavery? Western culture. Economic Freedom? Western culture. Liberal Democracy in that classical liberal sense that we in America call the Libertarian sense? Western culture. Religious, sexual and other Moral Freedoms? Western culture. Western culture has the best values, as proven by the logistical and moral success of the West.
  11. That is not how tyrannical gulag logic works. This goes back to the ‘barbaric animalism’ stuff I mentioned is second nature for all animals including humans so I don’t need to speak of it again.
  12. Actually, yes they do. They have a colossal impact on the LIBERTARIAN IDEA OF A national interest we refer to simply as free trade. They also have an equally giant impact on the LIBERTARIAN IDEA OF A national interest we call non-alliance friendships. But these ideas of national interests are also actual U.S. national interests as of 1945 thanks to… you to know who I am about to mention.

Americans Won’t Vote For People & Parties Who Come Off As Fanatically Anti-America

Disregard whether or not the Libertarian Party means to be Anti-America. Every single opinion survey indicates the voting public is mostly made up of people who love America.

But the good news for LP electability is that majorities of Americans know this country is deeply flawed in addition to the best there is on Earth.

The Washington Post did a survey about how most Americans have a ‘tough love‘ for this nation. America has done things abroad it should not have, Americans believe, and America has severe problems that need to be address but is the best nation on Earth, American voters believe.

  • 70% of Americans in general believe America has had shortcomings abroad worth apologizing for
    • 71% of Democrats (30 million {in the electorate}) believe this
    • 71% of Republicans (27 million) believe this
    • 69% of Independents (42 million) believe this
    • 70% of millennials agree
    • 71% of Generation X agrees
    • 72% of senior citizens agree
  • 64% of Americans in general believe America has severe domestic policy flaws worth being ashamed of and worth addressing
    • 61% of Democrats (26 million) agree
    • 66% of Republicans (25 million) agree
    • 63% of Independents (38 million) agree
    • 70% of millennials agree
    • 61% of Generation X agrees
    • 63% of senior citizens agree
  • 84% of Americans still adore and look up to the United States of America as a heroic nation
    • 84% of Democrats (35 million) love America
    • 95% of Republicans (36 million) love America
    • 81% of Independents (49 million) love America
    • 77% of millennials cherish the U.S.
    • 82% of Generation X cherishes the U.S.
    • 89% of senior citizens cherish the U.S.

Americans are extremely proud to be Americans but are ashamed of certain aspects of America. However, the Libertarian Party spits out rhetoric that makes the LP come off as obsessively Anti-America. In their foreign policy page, for example, the LP parrots the same rhetoric that was dished out by mass murdering authoritarians like Osama Bin Laden who directly oppose every value the LP stands for and who have murdered many thousands of innocent and defenseless Americans.

Parties who obsess this much on blaming America for everything wrong with the world as to disregard the Western Libertarian Value of moral responsibility and to set a foreign relations double standard that sets up America to always be the ultimate evil do not deserve any votes. And I say this as someone registered to vote in the LP.

Libertarians Need to Hear The Pentagon Out On The Budgets They Need But Audit The Pentagon Every Month

If the Libertarian Party wants votes from workers for the Pentagon, and I deem such votes mandatory for the LP to destroy the Bipartisan Party who LP called Demopublicans, then the Libertarian Party needs to make two promises about military spending: To Audit the Pentagon every month, and to Give the Pentagon 100% of the budget they ask for, even if it means variation year to year.

LNC officials need to capitalize on the Bipartisan Party’s refusal to audit the Pentagon on top of capitalizing on the Bipartisan Party’s refusal to meet the requests of the Pentagon.

Then what the Libertarian Party needs to do is prove their eagerness to audit the Pentagon. No downsizing the military though, that’s a bad idea. But be fiscally conservative by not letting Congress spend money they don’t have. No more than 18% of America’s nominal GDP of $18 trillion is tax revenue, meaning $3.5 trillion annual tax revenue. The Libertarian Party needs to paint building a military as exactly what it is: A proper constitutional function of government.

Instead of reducing military spending 60%, the LP’s platform should aim to cut government spending on powers the federal government does not have by 60% per year until the only spending Congress does is on stuff Article One Section Eight allows it to spend money on. And this does not mean military and wars alone. Other constitutional spending outlets:

  • Congress can also spend on border security
  • Congress can also spend on postal services
  • Congress can also spend on modern science promotion
  • Congress can also spend on copyright defenses
  • Congress can also spend on bounty letters (Letters of Marque and Reprisal)
  • Congress can also spend on American diplomacy abroad
  • Congress can also spend on assimilating immigrants into U.S. culture

Nowhere on this list do you see words like ‘bathroom’ or ‘education’ or ‘healthcare’ or ‘subsidy’ or ‘bailout’ or ‘pension’ or ‘nanny law’ or anything else in the majority of things the feds do they are not allowed by the constitution to do.

This majority of powers that have no basis on Article One Section Eight are the powers the LP needs to aim to cut spending in.


Well, Libertarian Party, you know what you need to do. Thanks all readers for reading this,



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