How To Settle the Energy Policy Debate


I believe as a libertarian that the issue of energy policy should be left to the private sector and the individual citizens. According to Gallup, this is a realistic idea for me to advocate for the placement of into practice in regards to switching from fossil fuels to green energies.

73% of individual citizens would rather buy up green energies than buy up fossil fuels. And knowing what law drives the free market, Law of Supply and Demand, and how this law works, I suspect that the larger popularity of green energies will lead to more of it being produced, therefore prices for green energy will go below fossil fuel prices.

Supply And Demand

For people who do not know, supply and demand states the following:

  • If less of a product than people want is made, than the price is high for a product of its kind
  • If more of a product than people want is made, than the price is low for a product of its kind
  • If as much of a product a people want is made, than the price is medium for a product of its kind

Free Market Energy Policy

A free market in energy is the same as a free market in groceries, video games, pets, tabletop gaming hobbies etc.

So, to apply the laws of supply and demand uniformly to all energy industries given this polling implication (73% of 320 million is 234 million) would be to create a much more booming market for green energy (routinely 234 million customers this year) than for fossil fuel (21% of America and therefore routinely 67 million customers this year).

And given Supply And Demand is a law of popularity growth resulting in price reduction, and given that 234 million is three and a half times the customer volume of 67 million, green fuels would be three and a half times cheaper.

  • The energy market would have to provide enough green fuel to cater to 234 million people
  • The energy market would have to provide enough fossil fuel to cater to 67 million people
  • Therefore a barrel of fossil fuel would cost $35 for every $10 a battery of green energy costs.
  • So, in example: Oil vs. Hydro. If a battery of Hydro costs $14,000 to a distributor then a barrel of Oil will cost $49,000 to the same distributor.
  • And if a Wind Turbine assembly project costs $250,000 then it is quite possible a fracking tower assembly project would cost $875,000.

Who Will Approve of this in the Parties?

From the same source, I can tell you that 51% of Republicans would be happy with this kind of policy because of the free-market methods and 89% of Democrats would be happy with this kind of policy because of the green-energy favoritism it would result in.

Yes Lefties, there are Republicans who favor modern sciences like evolutionary biology and green energy and yes Righties there are Democrats who would rather make the golden rule the entire regulatory burden on our economy than endorse our current burden of 87,000 superstitious feeling-over-fact kind of rules. These just happen to mostly be in the libertarian factions of their respective parties.


Legislating opinions from either side of the climate change debate is not going to solve the climate change problem. We can do a multi step process of solving it and that starts with subjecting the energy industries to the law of supply and demand. Thank you readers,



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