Needs For Victory Against The Salafi Movement, Including ISIS


As I am a libertarian but not a pacifist, I have followed foreign policy as a topic in colossal detail for eight years so far. I would like to talk about the War on ISIS and what is required for victory against ISIS.

For those who have a popular narrative or a conspiracy theory of who ISIS is and what they are and why they exist, let me clean that out with the facts:

  • ISIS is a guerrilla militia that uses terroristic warfare to carry out their goal
  • Their goal is to make our planet into a strict, literalist, and puritanical theocracy based on a despotic view of the Islamic Holy Book, the Koran
  • ISIS started in 1999 as the two separate groups called Jamaat al-Tawhid and Ansar al-Islam
  • The despotic view they want to force onto the globe comes from a movement called the Salafi movement, who traces its philosophical origins to the Rashidun Empire
  • Jamaat and Ansar got together and merged into each other to become ISIS in 2006 and did not act on their ambitions until 2013, having bided their time for two years until the U.S. troop withdrawal finished occurring from Iraq.

So now that this has been clarified, lets get to the ideas

The Steps To Winning

  1. The very first step to winning against ISIS is to correctly identify the enemy by ideology; call them out as part of the Salafi movement.
  2. Next the intelligence community needs to gather all intel it can about ISIS and the states who sponsor them.
  3. Then it is the place of Congress and not the Executive to formally declare war on ISIS, as is a proper constitutional function of government and in this case is the only answer, that’s what the harsh reality is.
  4. Once the military is over there, they need to do totally everything required to destroy every fighter in ISIS as well as every barracks, every mess hall, every war ministry, every weapon and ammo piece, every fuel dump, every vehicle storage yard, every air field, every rocket launch ramp and every naval base as well as every vehicle controlled by ISIS
  5. While doing this the military must also do everything needed to destroy every communication center, every command and control source, every train track, every road, every bridge, every tunnel, and every canal controlled by ISIS
  6. Also the military must destroy every broadcasting station, every television and TV station, every phone, every phone building, and every telegraph building controlled by ISIS
  7. In addition our military needs to demolish every factory controlled by ISIS doing what ever it takes to demolish ISIS-controlled factories
  8. Plus our military must demolish every single research center under ISIS control, caring only about the destruction of ISIS
  9. And of course our military must destroy every single energy plant controlled by ISIS and also destroy their entire heroin trade while also being so ruthless as to free ISIS’s slaves and training the able-bodied adults freed to slay their captors, and also work with them to burn ISIS agriculture to ashes using flame weapons.

Lastly we just repeat steps 4 to 9 against Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Hamas and Hezbollah. And also repeat steps 1 to 9 against regimes who sponsor Salafi movement terror; meaning repeat these steps against the regimes of Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Sudan. Oh, yes. I just advocated ending regimes who sponsor terrorism. I have been in favor of militarily ending regimes who sponsor terrorism since I learned what state sponsored terrorism is and who in the world does it. I and I do ask you to please read the articles I linked to before interpreting what have written here.

The Rationale

As has been proven in the American Civil War with the Savannah Campaign, America only wins its self-defense and defense-of-others initiatives when its eager and willing to take devastating action against enemy regimes and enemy militants.

History proves to us in World War II as well that a foreign regime who directs, sponsors or threatens violent aggression against the United States needs to be severely attacked in order to stop its mental, logistical and monetary capacity for initiating aggression against The American People.

Even the Founding Fathers knew this in dealing with the Ottoman Empire’s kidnaps and slaveries of American tourists and merchants in the Mediterranean, and thus both Barbary Wars ended with the Founders destroying the regimes who sponsored maritime terrorism, the Ottoman Empire’s “Barbary States”, at their sources.


Well, this is what I have to say about the quest to get rid of ISIS and to get rid of the Salafi movement of which ISIS is a piece. The historic reality, form what I can gather from every nonpartisan and non-ideological source I can find, is that we have to end the regimes who sponsor terrorist militias while also ending these militias themselves. Thank you all for reading,



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