Libertarian Principles


I am doing this post to remind the globe what libertarian principles are as of the Age of Enlightenment. I believe it is of paramount importance to remind the world what libertarian ideology is supposed to stand for globally.

Also this is so I can remind the entire globe that if you fight against these principles in any form or to any extent, or if you stay indifferent to these principles in domestic policy and/or in foreign policy, then you are NOT a libertarian.

The Real Concept of Libertarianism

People living in the Old World wrongly claim that libertarianism is socialist anarchism and claim that liberalism is the ideology of the stuff I am about to peg libertarianism for. The reality is liberal and libertarian were synonyms until the rise of Marxist Leninism.

Allow my readers in the Old World and in the rest of the New World around the US to re-learn true Libertarianism!


To fully understand libertarian ideology, we need to understand the attitude it was founded on: Individualism.

According to Webster Dictionary;

  • Individualism is the idea that the desires of each person override the collective desire of authority or of demographic.

Individualism is the idea that you own yourself, and that only you can decide what is right for you in terms of personal choices.

Personal Responsibility

Wikipedia aptly says that ‘moral responsibility is the status of morally deserving praise and reward for doing good or blame and punishment for doing bad’.

Personal responsibility means basically you deserve good reactions to you doing good stuff, no one to credit but yourself.

It equally means you deserve bad reactions to you doing bad things, no one to blame but yourself.

Equality of Opportunity

No, this is not equality of outcome. Equal opportunity means creating an equal starting point for all workers and all merchants and all scientists etc. and letting them advance according to individual talent. Equal outcome means distorting that starting point in a desire to force everyone to have the same outcome no matter their individual talents.

Equal opportunity is the foundation of the economic policy of true Libertarians, which foreshadows the addressing of economic policies of true global libertarians.

Rule of Law

Rule of Law is the ideal wherein all citizens of a nation, including ones involved in governing, abide by the same set of laws or the same constitution. Meaning that a nation’s constitution applies equally to all citizens of that nation.

Double Standards absolutely cannot exist under rule of law, the social anarchism that Old World people falsely accuse libertarian of meaning has nothing to do with real libertarianism anywhere on the globe.

Search & Seizure

This principle refers to the fact that it is libertarian to call for the police to be required by law to get a warrant signed by a judge before searching someone’s records, and even then only ask the judge for such a warrant in reply to that someone behaviorally provoking suspicion.

Due Process

From deeming the accused innocent until proven guilty to allowing all involved in a legal case to retain human rights, due process is this exact standard of exactly how a legal case needs to be handled.

Public Trial By Jury

When it comes to how actual libertarians across the planet want trials to go in courts, we favor a trial that is conducted by a team of analysts called a jury and is very open for the general population to debate and discuss. That is what public trial by jury is about.

Questions of Fact

From what I can gather, Age of Enlightenment libertarianism of the West is supposed to be all about questions that are baed on facts and neither based on laws nor based on feelings when it comes to what questions are allowed to be asked in a trial in court.

Banning Cruel/Unusual Punishment

First let us understand what cruel and unusual punishment is. It is the inflicting of punishment on a prisoner that is morally worse than the crime that prisoner is a prisoner for having committed. No human can ever support cruel and unusual punishment and be a libertarian, so that’s why this principle is about banning these kinds of punishments.

Economic Freedom

Economic freedom is the ability for individuals to freely work, buy, and sell in an economy.

Free Markets

That socialistic anarchism many of you in the Old World claim is libertarian economics? Wrong again ~ free market is the true libertarian economic policy everywhere. Free market is this:

  • an economic system wherein private businesses and independent merchants can freely compete with each other while prices, wages and profits are decided according to supply and demand, the three basics of which are:
    1. If less of something than people want is made, it costs a high price
    2. If more of something than people want is made, it costs a low price
    3. If as much of something as people want is made, it costs a medium price

Free Trade

Total free trade with no conditions except for the very simple two of ‘do not harm each other’ and ‘do not damage each other’s property’ is the default trade policy of libertarians, wherever on Earth you live and are reading this from.

In economics terms free trade means no tariffs or treaties are made about imports or exports.


Far as a government interference with economy is concerned, laissez-faire means there are no privileges, no tariffs, no subsidies, no bailouts and no stimulus plans and only enough regulating to uphold human rights, and only enough taxing to fund enforcement of human rights. That’s the libertarian idea of a legit economic set of rules.

Freedom of Thought

Freedom of thought is the idea you can believe whatever you choose to believe.

Freedom of Expression

The total right to express one’s opinions freely

Freedom of Religion

The right to practice and preach any organized religion or secular morality one wants to submit to

Freedom of the Media

The right for journalists to report the news freely

Freedom of Association

The right to freely make friendships or romances with whomever one chooses as long as the chosen individuals are on board with it

Political Freedom

Knowing politics rather well, and being a libertarian myself, political freedom means, at least to me, the right to engage in politics in any peaceful way one chooses to.

Right to Petition

The right to make a documented list of signatures to address a problem those signing on share with an aspect of politics or other life arena

Right to Lobby

The right to work as a team to sway the government to act a certain way on a certain public policy issue

Freedom of Assembly

The right to assemble a group such as a 527, aka a grassroots PAC, or a think tank on behalf of interpreting public policy discourse


Not to be confused with monarchy, but rather a minarchy is a minimal state, meaning a government that is limited to defending human rights and enforcing natural law and bolstering the golden rule against acts of malum in se.


The idea that government needs to have its power limited to a short list of different powers in a constitution.

Western Democracy

A government of free, fair, and competitive elections between many distinct political parties; sharing of powers between three or more different branches of government; and equal protection of human rights for all citizens.


The refusal to allow anyone to be crowned king, sultan, shogun, caliph or whatever else; and the insistence that the head of state should be an elected parliament and/or an elected president.


That’s all I got. I want to keep this brief so the entire globe can know precisely what libertarianism was founded on and what it is to stand for. And yes, I do check where in the world people are reading me in addition to readers I get in the US. Thanks for seeing this,



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