Atheism, Religion, Moralities and Economics.


So Facebook spends the nine years I have been on it for knowing me to be an Atheist, with the exception of 2013 and 2014 of time of me being a Deist (hence why the URL for this site didn’t change, also why I won’t likely be changing my YouTube name which is what this site’s URL is named for). And then five minutes ago Facebook suggest to me a very obviously radical Christian-Right fundamentalist page.

The page calls itself “Atheism is a Religion that leads to Nazism”, I think, and the fact that exists is not what bothers me. What bothers me is that Facebook proudly invites any atheist who is not a flagrantly Far-Left Social Justice Warrior to like that page, and knows, but does not care, what realities they are contradicting.

Now I know from this experience that I totally need to give this blog of mine a break from promoting libertarian politics and from promoting foreign interventionist policies of American Constitutionalism, and talk some time about Atheism and Secular Morality

Atheism the Personality Trait

One belief all by itself cannot pass off as a religion. One belief alone can only ever be labeled a personality trait. Atheism is totally one belief alone:

  • Every single god and goddess ever conceived is a fictional character.

How much simpler can summing up atheism get?

Moving on to the next pointer

There Are Atheistic Religions

If you read the Wikipedia link above, you are going to learn about a great many lines of atheistic thought including in Christianity. Christian Atheism is something I had no idea was a thing until I geared up for this WordPress article, for example.

And the people behind that Facebook page will deny that it ever existed or that it exists or that it is even plausible, but such is to be expected from Christian Nationalist ASPD cases.

There are Secular Moralities in Real Life

Secular Moralities are typically formed on an individual basis, not just in atheist heads but also in deist heads and agnostic heads and ignostic heads.

Secular moralities, as far as I can tell, are diverse in not just what political ideologies they are built up for but also in how they teach their adherents to generally behave.

Here is a list of secular moralities that are entirely possible in our cosmos:

  1. Free Thinking
  2. Consequentialism
  3. Secular humanism
  4. Utilitarianism
  5. Golden rule (secular context)
  6. Non-Aggression Principle (libertarians’ favorite secular morality)

Out of all of these, I adhere to secular morality number 5. But yes I do believe in total Right of Self Defense. Otherwise why would I be nicknamed ‘libertarian defense atheist’? Most in my political faction prefer secular morality number 6.

Most of us Refuse to be Totalitarians

A minimum of 50% of us would much rather be Minarchists than be Totalitarians. 42% or fewer are the totalitarians. Most of us prefer a minimal state that exists entirely to defend human rights for all of its citizens.

Most of us have the behavior resulting in free market mindsets to. Economics of Religion is the evidence of this. Some nations are missing from the graph pic, so for the nations not on the graph:


So, it appears from what I have educated you into with this post, readers, that anger has worked to a positive outcome! Funny to you? I have nothing against you if it is not. But, still, I have calmed as I have gotten closer to finishing this post. Thanks readers,



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