How Do I think Politically And Who Can I relate To among Political Pundits?


Legit, this is going to feel to some of you like something I have done 4 million times. But this time I would like to include a list of people, living and deceased, that resemble how I think whenever politics is the thing most on my mind.

Grant you, it is rare for me to have anything other than the three source materials of my original fantasy comics (Middle-earth Saga, Warhammer Fantasy setting , Elder Scrolls lore) as the number one thing on my mind, but this 2015 to 2016 era is an election cycle that could potentially make indisputable change to what kind of country my country America is in terms of, for example, level of government respect for the Bill of Rights.

Many weird things happened, so it is time for me to describe my views and labels again and then explain which political figure-heads I think like and in which arenas.

I am Middle Ground, not Right Wing, also not Left Wing.

Many of the views I hold I know will get me falsely accused of right wing thought, and then there are views I hold that will get me falsely accused of left wing thought. Truth is I am Middle Ground in terms of which “wing” I am under. Meaning I am not under either wing.

Also known as Argument to Moderation. But knowing moderate and centrist are not exactly philosophies, which political philosophy fits me?

Well, to answer that question, I will have to show you readers my online self-quizzing results.

On the Advocates for Self-Government quiz of 5 social questions and 5 fiscal questions, found here, I answered as to be marked 80% in favor of Personal Freedom and 90% in favor of economic freedom, putting me in the libertarian quadrant of the Nolan Chart.

In the United Kingdom, there is a website called PoliticalCompass, which allows you to self-quiz with 60 or so questions to answer, and I came out as economically +4.25 putting me on the economic capitalist side of the X-axis, and also as socially -3.59 putting me on the social liberal side of the Y-axis, and in my country of the United States that of course means Libertarian.

Lastly I took the Libertarian Purity Test and came out with a 92, making me a hard core libertarian, but not so hard core as to oppose pragmatic domestic policy and especially not so as to oppose proactive foreign policy.

I am a Libertarian, not a conservative, not an illiberal progressive, and not a liberal either

To be frank about my taste in policies, I am in favor of:

  • economic deregulation
  • free trade
  • payment according to work ethic
  • abolition of rent control
  • repealing of zoning laws
  • privatizing medicare & medicaid
  • privatizing social security
  • school choice in place of public schooling
  • open immigration
  • house choice in place of public housing
  • government raising revenue from land sales to its citizens
  • replacing worker safety laws with a single worker safety training mandate
  • drug liberalization
  • replacing occupation license with occupational liberty
  • privatizing higher education
  • abolition of the Federal Reserve
  • legalizing marijuana
  • legalizing all consenting adult sexually-motivated activity
  • total freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press and freedom of association
  • freedom of conscience for all private clubs
  • abolishing all forms of draft starting with the Selective Service Act
  • replacing taxes with non-tax revenues for the government
  • putting a stop to government spending on any program that’s not on the Enumerated Powers list
  • abolishing all regulatory agencies
  • repealing anti-trust laws
  • privatizing public schools and universities
  • replacing welfare with private volunteer charity
  • privatizing public lands
  • Decentralizing the fire, ambulance, police and other non-enumerated powers of government (handing these over to the state governments, not privatizing)
  • replacing FDA and medical licenses with medical liberties
  • freezing the monetary base with a gold standard to stop inflation
  • striking down economic regulation under the Ninth Amendment as Unconstitutional
  • legalizing recreational drugs as well as medicinal
  • signing the policy of free banking into law
  • legalizing vigilante justice as an example of the Second Amendment right to Self-Defend and/or to Defend Others
  • replacing all legislation with the Tenth Amendment right of the American People to directly vote for or against policy initiatives they support or oppose, even if it means that I will individually be on the losing side on half of the issues.
  • opposition to entangling unstable alliances like we have with Pakistan and with pretty much every Arab League member.
  • propping up a purist application of the US Bill of Rights

But on the other hand, I have opinions which hold very minimal fame yet tons of infamy among mainstream libertarians, these opinions in my case are:

  • opposition to dropping stable alliances, like we have via NATO and via OECD
  • opposition to downsizing the US military
  • opposition to pulling US troops away from Stable allies like South Korea and Germany
  • support for full exertion of the Enumerated Powers list
  • support for minimal-state Western Democracy
  • support for an approach to war that cares purely and only about destroying foreign aggression at its source
  • support for utilizing every tactical prerequisite for total victory in regards to heat-in-the-moment combat
  • the belief that Congress should only declare war to defend the Bill of Rights for all Americans against tyrannical governments who callously disregard the US Bill of Rights in their treatment of visitors from the US.
  • support for counting freedom of movement and free trade and the right to safely do charity overseas as Ninth Amendment rights of the American People as a rule of American foreign policy
  • support for a very huge & strong military
  • devout opposition to Just War Theory and everything it teaches except for its rule against ‘means malum in se’
  • devotion to making No Means Malum In Se the only part of Just War Theory I will ever support or take seriously
  • refusal to believe that judge-made law is any better morally than unilateral Supreme Court legislation

I am a “Neolibertarian”, of all possible kinds of libertarian.

10 Types of Libertarian according to

  • I am fiscally libertarian, as I support free trade, replacing the Federal Register (economic regulation) with the golden rule, and replacing taxes with non-tax revenue incomes; from royalty shares of private sector profits to a small fee for every dozen miles of highway use by every citizen. Also as I endorse combining the gold standard with free banking.
  • I am classically liberal, as I believe in Thomas Jefferson’s The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights as James Madison first wrote it, for example I support invoking the Declaration to justify enforced equal due process for all individuals.
  • And I am a minarchist, as I favor the Enumerated Powers list (Article One Section Eight) and as I believe the Tenth Amendment should be invoked to leave all the Non-economics issues that James Madison did not mention in the Constitution for the American People to decide by directly democratic vote.
  • But my emphasis is on a strong military and on toppling terroristic and genocidal tyrannies, and given that Marco Rubio had my endorsement until he dropped, I can see how that grants me a little but of common ground with neoconservatives. Thus the most applicable one of the ten to me is Neolibertarian.

Major Schools of Libertarian according to and what it pulled from Wikipedia in Spring of 2008 (somewhat paraphrased)

  • Back then Wikipedia used to say “Neolibertarianism is a post-9/11 ideological offshoot of libertarianism that adopts neoconservative doctrines on foreign policy, including the use of preventive war.”
  • then goes up to say ‘Neolibertarianism is far more common outside the LP than in it, and most neolibertarians despise the LP for obsessing on its anti-government impulses and Vietnam-era Pacifistic impulses. Many LP neolibertarians are members of the current Libertarian Defense Caucus, whose statement of principles states that “The LDC believes a global war on terrorism exists.”‘
  • What Wikipedia presently says neolibertarianism is.
  • I got accepted into the Libertarian Defense Caucus in February of this year

I support foreign policy doctrines that embrace the role American military might has in keeping various foreign nations free societies, and that embrace the Constitutional obligation to destroy foreign aggressors against the American People and against the US Bill of Rights at the source land of the foreign aggressors.

I totally oppose foreign policy doctrines of pacifist-until-attacked and of Just War Theorist when attacked.

I also advocate a foreign policy that treats free trade, freedom of movement, the right to set up dual-citizenships, the right to life, the freedom of choice, and the right to freely and safely do tourism and/or charity overseas as unconditional Ninth Amendment rights of every American Citizen, as I have said earlier.

Should Congress Have A Warrant To War?

Yes, according to me they should, but let us examine what would warrant a formal declaration of war by Congress.

What would warrant a declaration of war by Congress is if all sixteen members of the American Intel Community say at the highest probability levels ever possible that:

  • An attack against the American People and their Bill of Rights liberties is known to be planned and the threat of attack has indeed fully materialized but can be preempted.
  • An attack against the American People and their Bill of Rights liberties is known to be planned and the threat of attack has only started to materialize but can be prevented.
  • An attack against the American People and their Bill of Rights liberties has very recently happened and the perpetrator is (insert tyrannical nation’s name here) and that is who to retaliate against for the attack.

Basically I do not believe in doing military warfare overseas unless it is to defend the American People and the US Bill of Rights by demolishing the threat at its source.

Defensive Proactivity, not World Policing, not Nation building

Something I have a really easy time disagreeing with neoconservatives on is the question of whether to keep our troops overseas for a decade or more of occupation and nation building. My answer, the neolibertarian answer, is no.

We should instead deliver a devastating defeat to an enemy and then have the formerly opposing force unconditionally surrender to a minimal-state constitution that we create for them. This style of swiftly and totally defeating an initial aggressor and then making them agree to a Western-democratic constitution is what Abraham Lincoln applied to winning the American Civil War, and what Franklin Delano Roosevelt applied to winning the Second World War.

Plus I do not think we should do blanket policing of the entire globe, we ought to stick to defending the Bill of Rights for all Americans, whether they are on American soil or serving overseas as ambassadors and as part of a diplomatic presence.

Speaking of diplomacy, the diplomatic engagement is what to spread freedom across the world through. Policy of Diplomacy that promotes Individual Liberty and Minimal State and opposes Dictatorship.

Which Commentators Do I Think Like in Political Discourse?

Deceased (arenas in brackets):

  • Thomas Jefferson (Civil liberties, Vision of Government, Foreign policy)
  • James Madison (Civil liberties, Vision of Government, Foreign policy)
  • Adam Smith (Economy)
  • John Locke (Civil liberties)
  • Voltaire (Civil Liberties, Religion)
  • Friedrich Hayek (Economy)
  • Ayn Rand (Foreign Policy)
  • Milton Friedman (Economy)

Living (arenas in brackets)

  • Austin Petersen (Economy, Civil Liberties, Vision of Government)
  • Yaron Brook (Foreign Policy)
  • Larry Elder (Foreign Policy, Economy, Civil Liberties, Vision of Government)
  • Keith Farrell (Foreign Policy, Economy, Civil Liberties, Vision of Government)
  • Mark Humphrys (Foreign Policy, Economy, Civil Liberties)
  • Elan Jourano (Foreign Policy)
  • John Stossel (Economy, Civil Liberties, Vision of Government)


Basically I am my own man. I choose my opinions, and my labels, on an observational basis. I am 22 and my thinking includes self-correction upon learning new facts. Thanks readers,



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