How to Fund Government Exercise of Enumerated Powers without Taxation


Before I get into this, no this is not a tutorial but instead a list of proposals to implement all of at once and yes, I am aware I will have to list the Enumerated Powers and define them first.

Federally Enumerated Powers

All the federal government’s powers are granted to the Legislative branch and not to the executive and are granted in Article One Section Eight of the Constitution. They are as follows:

  1. The Power to raise money and spend it on exerting other powers
  2. to make rules for warping immigrants into American culture
  3. to print money, coin money, and make a monetary base policy
  4. to provide post offices and build roads
  5. to promote modern sciences and provide & defend copyrights
  6. to enforce the Law of Nations (which as of 1945 refers to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)
  7. to start wars on foreign aggressors, to post bounties on foreign aggressors, and make rules for treatment of POWs
  8. to build a military and make rules for the US military’s way of war

This article of my online journal will be about ways to raise money without bleeding workers’ incomes and families’ budgets (insert number here)% dry.

And yes, I am doing this from a mixed perspective of American Libertarianism and American Constitutionalism. I am going to pull my ideas from Wikipedia’s list article “Non-tax Revenue” and simplify them in my explanations.

Voluntary Donations to Government

I highly doubt any American will go along with this one given how government currently treats the American People, but this basically refers to when people willfully choose to give money to the government. This I think would only be done by the 39% of the American People at most, which currently constitutes 125 million out of 320 million. But if every one of those 125 million gave the government a $20 donation every week, which amounts to $1040 per year, that would be a $130 billion donation for the year of 2016.

User Fees for Public Services

User Fees are money charged by government from people who use sanitation, fire hydrant use, public parks or other government-owned services. User fees in essence are government equivalent to, for example, a waitress charging you tip money for her service to you at a casual eatery.

Permit Fees

As someone who had to pay a permit fee on July 25th 2014 for my Driving Learner’s Permit (which doubles as a state ID) over in the Connecticut DMV of my small town in New Haven County, I can use that as a personal-experience example of how this is a government revenue method that differs from taxation by having moral legitimacy; meaning ID cards are needed for public service providers to know off that bat that you are who you say you are. Its comparable to how private amusement parks check IDs and also how Medical facilities check IDs as well, so checking IDs is a matter of evidence-based security.

Passports are another permit fee means of generating government revenue. American individuals who want to travel overseas know that foreign governments are not going to be any different than American government in requiring passports in order to enter a nation. The result is people will readily buy passports voluntarily, even if it means saving up for a few months for one for some workers.

Civil Fines

Now this one is non-voluntary revenue source, but in a proper Free Society this happens whenever someone commits a crime that is malum in se, is tried and proven guilty, and then has to either pay a fine and/or go to jail. Fines are expensive, but the good news for golden rule-abiding people is that Fines do not bleed golden rule-abiding peoples’ finances dry.

Rents and Concessions

Charging people money per month for their property, making deals with individual merchants that turn government services over to them if individual merchants agree to give minorities of their profits to government, and charging individual merchants and collective businesses a share of the profits according to what role government plays in making the profit possible.

All of these behaviors have something in common: They are all things government ought to do to raise revenue in place of taxing. Because lets face it; concessions, contracts that make royalties to the government something demanded as reward for supplying the individual merchant the unlimited right to sell to who ever she wants to sell to (I go to ‘she’ by default even though I am a dude, why I do is because I always ask myself “but… the single mother?” when I do these economic advocacies of mine); differ from taxation in that concessions are not theft. Concessions explained better here.

Concessions allow people to sell stuff hindered only by natural law and the golden rule, while allowing government to profit off having agreed to not regulate the individual merchant (who’s also a single mother in her late 20’s in pretty much every hypothetical I will ever post here) beyond requiring her to give government a small share of every dollar her merchandise makes.

Meanwhile, government charging rent is something they can charge in place of ‘property tax’, and in fact Rent is someone charging people in their jurisdiction money for the people to live within that jurisdiction. And while that someone is not always government, for government to start charging rent for private rental would be a non-thieving alternative to property tax.

Government Item Sales

You know what governments and businesses have in common? Both are entities made up of people who may happen to have individual talents that relate to the work of the entity.

The result is I declare that something we ought to have in place of taxation is a public atmosphere of government selling items that directly relate to the purposes of government.

For example, if someone is really good at authoring books can make fiction and nonfiction literature (or lit for short) about warping immigrants into Western culture, they can sell their books and government can make revenue off, in example, a 30% share of that author’s profits and then spend much of those profits on assimilating immigrants into Western culture and the remaining profits on keeping a balanced budget to stay debt-free at all times.

Government Officers Setting Up Their Own Regime Sector Businesses

Individualism. I am so into it that I am ready and proud to suggest that individual politicians can set up their individual businesses based on their individual talents and then commit their profits to funding the government services their talent directly connects to.

To give an example: A politician who is a veteran happens to be great at forging plastic replicas of Medieval & Fantasy weapons and armor that are otherwise totally on point to the specifications laid out by the most faithful source materials available. She uses this talent to sell these replicas and commit a large share of her profits to defense spending by the government.

Compensation Money from a militarily defeated foreign aggressor

Anyone know all that stuff I post about how imposing a free-society constitution onto a militarily defeated tyranny is far better than long-time nation-building occupation?

Well, here is another History Lesson from the same source but on an economic topic.

After World War Two, Nazi Germany as well as Imperial Japan were so severely devastated by their defeats they had to agree to whatever America, Britain, Canada and Australia set forth as a team for terms of German and Japanese surrender.

Nazi Germany owed these four a combined total of $23 billion dollars, which due to inflation is 308 billion of today’s dollars. Same amount of money had to be paid by Imperial Japan for compensation for its initial aggressor behaviors, just as well.

Thus, when waging a Defensive war, the one objective any free society should care entirely and zealously about is crushing the ability and will of the tyrannical regime who waged war against the free society to initiate aggression, and within this objective should be two postwar goals:

  1. impose a free-society, minimal-state constitution onto the defeated nation
  2. charge the defeated nation reparations money for the aggression it initiated

Every free society has a Right to defend its people or any society’s people, including from tyrannical government. Authoritarian Regimes, by definition of them and of Law of Nations, are outlaws and cannot claim any rights legally, morally, or genetically; not even the right to life. Any libertarian regime has a right to overthrow any authoritarian regime, but the only Duty to any libertarian regime militarily is to defend its own people by destroying foreign aggression at the source.

And to keep us on topic I must say any libertarian regime has the right to charge any authoritarian regime as behemoth of an amount of money as the libertarian regime wants to charge for it having militarily defeated the authoritarian regime.


Another big one, and of course this is my statement of opposition to taxes. But to be fair, we can start a path to Non-tax revenues with Income tax removals like the FairTax proposal of 1999. Thanks readers,



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