Warming Up To And Voting For Gary Johnson (And Endorsing Him)


If you look on Gary Johnson’s Political Positions according to Wikipedia, you’d think he is softer on foreign terroristic regimes than either of the two reckless excuses for candidates the Democrats and Republicans are offering.

But then a month and a half ago, Brian Doherty for Reason Magazine wrote about Gary Johnson’s growing understanding of how the world works here in real life. Article here.

Endorsing Gary Johnson & Bill Weld

Now that I clearly know that Gary Johnson is clearly not a naive person any more, I endorse him for the following reasons by policy arena (numbered by importance to me):

  1. Foreign Policy
    • Gary has removed half the naivety of his plan for military spending (In 2012 he wanted to cut it 40% but here in 2016 thankfully only wants to cut it 20%).
    • Bill recognizes that the initial removal of Saddam from power was a necessity but also recognizes that Iraq War turned into abject failure entirely due to Bush’s handling of it.
    • Gary has willfully declared that Political Islam is a serious threat that is best defeated by working multilaterally with Congress and with Stable allies
    • Gary knows that “serious discussion about how to defeat this threat has not happened”.
    • Gary wants to use diplomacy to get the North Korean regime destroyed by one of its fellow East Asian countries (although I despise that Gary picked China instead of picking Japan).
    • Gary opposes the Iran deal and will rid our reality of it as one of his first foreign policy actions
    • Gary recognizes Iran as “categorically proven to sponsor terrorism”.
    • Gary then goes on to say “Iran’s the number one financier of Political Islam’s terrorism”.
    • Gary wants to do an approach to Iran that freezes Iranian government assets while opening up free trade with Iranian private sector.
    • Gary knows how there is no validity to judging actions from several decades ago like those in WW2 or in WW1.
    • Gary proposes using Letters of Marque and Reprisal, instead of War Declaration and also instead of doing nothing, to put stops to genocides happening in Uganda or in Sudan or elsewhere.
    • Gary has a military policy of only waging war if Congress declares it, and even then only if it is declared to defend The American People.
    • Gary is adamantly Pro-Israel and supports it right to exist, and wants to end financial aid while holding on to military alliance with Israel.
    • Gary is the only Pro-free trade, and therefore the only Pro-prosperity, candidate of the top three running up, along with Bill.
    • Gary has recently come out in support of the US military’s actions against ISIS
    • Gary recognizes the need for America to be a member of NATO
  2. Economy
    • Gary was the most prosperity-bringing governor of all state governors in all of the 1990’s
    • Gary’s tenure, located in the state of New Mexico, consisted of him bringing about a $1 billion surplus by halting taxation for six of his eight years, vetoing 47% of state-level bills to be vetoed, replacing Medicaid & Medicare with the private sector alternative called Managed Healthcare, and rethinking his 1st-term education policy with school vouchers during his second term, which improved schooling in New Mexico
    • Gary takes a legit middle ground on Labor Unions, saying that their demand for all workers to be treated the same is the only bad thing about Labor Unions, and also believes that generally Labor Unions do help in theory but should not be making campaign contributions.
    • Gary rightly blames the Federal Reserve’s incessant printing of money for inflation, unemployment, and increased debt.
    • Gary not only accepts the reality of man-made climate change but also accepts the equally truthful reality of replacing fossil fuel with green energies to be the job of the private sector and not of the government.
    • Bill’s economic record is almost identical except for Bill’s economic record took place in Massachusetts and not in New Mexico
  3. Bill of Rights
    • Gary Johnson and Bill Weld have always applied the First Amendment in its fullest to the internet and have recently applied it to private businesses
    • Gary and Bill can agree that the only compatible campaign finance with the 1st Amendment is mandatory transparency
    • Gary has always been favorable to the Second Amendment, and I am guessing Gary is the reason Bill has recently become Pro-2nd Amendment
    • Gary and Bill have not needed to say anything about the 3rd Amendment due to there having never been any attacks on the 3rd Amendment
    • Gary has always known the Patriot Act to be an enemy of the 4th Amendment from day one of his political engagement, and he seems to have convinced Bill Weld to accept this fact
    • Gary & Bill know the necessity of Presumption of Innocence and other Due Process components as assembled and mandated by the 5th Amendment
    • Bill Weld and Gary Johnson both know why the 6th Amendment guarantees of public trial and jury trial must always be applied simultaneously
    • When it comes to the 7th Amendment, Gary and Bill so far appear to both equally know why it is institutional corruption for courtroom questions about civil cases to be based on feelings, laws, or anything else that is not purely facts (Findings Of Fact)
    • Gary and Bill know the Death Penalty is not a necessity in the slightest, and also they respect the need to take the 8th Amendment puritanically
    • Gary and Bill tend to see the Social issues that I personally see as almost irrelevant through a 9th Amendment perspective
    • Gary & Bill see the 10th Amendment as a matter of state-level powers being given and taken by the state-wide popular vote.
  4. Social Issues
    • I am not going to state what reasons I have in this category for supporting Gary and Bill. I already summed it up because Ninth Amendment.

And I think that is it


I am voting for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld this election year. Yes, I was hotly against them in the Libertarian Party debates and primaries. I did want Austin Petersen, but in the end it seems like Gary and Bill are who I am going to vote for. But I am very happy to vote for them. And to all 125 of my readers I know I have in foreign countries thanks to my dashboard, if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton becomes president instead of Gary Johnson, none of you can blame me for any garbage Clinton or Trump do overseas. For I will vote Gary Johnson & Bill Weld, and if they win I will be happy and if they lose I will regret being registered to vote. Thanks readers, American and Non-American alike,



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