Defining and Explaining Islamic Statism


Merging two well-known terms to create a term as the US feds should have done from day one of the War on “terrorism”. Instead of calling the enemy Terrorism, our government should have called it Islamic Statism, as the terrorists we face and the regimes who sponsor them have an ideology in common: Islamic Statism

What The Term Means

This term I propose and encourage use of refers to two things:

  • A type of government called an Islamic State
  • Advocacy of a government to exist which is called Statism

In the case of the context I promote use of this term in, an ‘Islamic Statist’ is one who calls for a government to be totally based on purist application of the Koran as one’s regime’s constitution.


This is another short, heat-in-the-moment press of mine. I just wanted to get the coining of a two-word term out there. Although I am not sure if this term was already coined by someone else. Thanks either way,



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