What Must the US Libertarian Party Do for Foreign Policy?


I am going to answer a question that I predict some in my party, the LP, might ask me if ever I was to challenge the current LP establishment of pacifism-until-US-soil-gets-hit at an LP rally or something.

American Foreign Policy

The Libertarian Party is totally into reality on everything except for what to adopt and act on a foreign policy of, the one reality they seem unable to grasp is:

  • American foreign policy needs to be a policy of US Constitutionalism that cares exclusively about defending the Bill of Rights for every American civilian even if some American civilians are overseas for any reason.

Other than this, the LP is right in solid reality. Although… I must say foreign policy, on top of being my favorite political topic, is also something countless fellow American voters are heavily worried about. Almost every poll states that Foreign Policy and Warfare is the second most important political topic to everyday America to only Economic Policy and Jobs.

Who Majorities Truly Trust

The LP needs to wake up to the reality that Americans have a very simple but principled taste in Allies. Americans know all to well the difference between a Stable alliance and an Unstable alliance, and the LP should alter their rhetoric on alliances (and on non-alliance friendships) according to the American People’s taste in allies.

  • Canada is seen by the American People as an ally (+93)
  • Australia & New Zealand are seen by the American People as allies (+91)
  • Britain & Ireland are seen by the American People as allies (+85)
  • Germany is seen by the American People as an ally (+77)
  • Japan is seen by the American People as an ally (+70)
  • India is seen by the American People as an ally (+55)
  • France is seen by the American People as an ally (+54)
  • Israel is seen by the American People as an ally (+47)
  • Greece is seen by the American People as an ally (+34)

Now we name the nations the Libertarian Party needs to pledge to abolish US alliance and US friendship with:

  • Saudi Arabia is seen by the American People as an enemy (+12)
  • China is seen by the American People as an enemy (+15)
  • Cuba is seen by the American People as an enemy (+20)
  • Libya is seen by the American People as an enemy (+41)
  • Iraq is seen by the American People as an enemy (+47)
  • the Palestinian Authority is seen by the American People as an enemy (+53)
  • Syria is seen by the American People as an enemy (+55)
  • Pakistan is seen by the American People as an enemy (+66)
  • Afghanistan is seen by the American People as an enemy (+68)
  • North Korea is seen by the American People as an enemy (+69)
  • Iran is seen by the American People as an enemy (+77)

On top of this, South Korea is far more trusted by The People to be a true ally (+37) than Jordan is (+17). Yemen is seen by The People as an enemy (+35).

Think of the differences with the ‘+’ signs like this:

  • 10 to 30 means slightly ally or enemy
  • 30 to 60 means moderately ally or enemy
  • 60 to 80 means strongly ally or enemy
  • 80 or higher means extremely ally or enemy

Libertarian Party candidates often speak of listening to the American People far better than either major party is willing to. How about spinning that rhetoric into becoming a reality by listening to the American People’s wishes without abandoning the principle of a proactive foreign policy of Constitutionalism.

Most Voters Don’t Want A Smaller Military

In all fairness, the same polling suggests that most voters do not want a bigger military, either. In mathematical sums:

  • 69% do not want a bigger military
  • 60% do not want a smaller military

So the most electable agenda for catering to both of these majorities would be to pledge to keep the military at current size, and to allow the Pentagon to get the military budgets they ask for in full but in return require the Pentagon to submit to auditing. Auditing the Pentagon every year is key to justifying the US military’s current size.

Identifying Enemy’s Motives

The LP needs to drop its mix of paranoia against all US interaction overseas with naive pacifism that truly thinks if America is totally polite and kind to all foreign regimes and reaches out exclusively with discussion then the human nature will become perfect.

The world does not work this way.

Reality in identifying the terroristic militias and regimes who started war against Western countries in 2001 is that the LP needs to confront the idea of calling the enemy “terrorism”. The Libertarian Party needs to confront this idea by pushing to instead refer to the enemy as “Islamic Statism”, and needs to define Islamic Statism as “The movement that pushes to force the planet to become a global, despotic theocracy that’s based on a purist view of Islam that includes hatred of Anti-statist muslims”. Because that’s exactly what the Islamic Statist movement and ideology is about.

The Libertarian Party then needs to open the American People to the history of Islamic Statism including how it started shortly after the Prophet Muhammad passed away.

Next the LP ought to say similar stuff to what Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute says, about how America is not waging Defensive War against terrorism, but rather is waging Defensive War against Islamic Statism.

In regards to North Korea, the LP needs to study and precisely identify that ideology that motivates the Kim Jong-Un regime to be as it is: Juche.

Approach to Warfare

The LP agenda on the US military’s style of warfare should read like this:

  • When the United States goes to war, it should only be due to a declaration by the Legislative Branch, and even so the Legislative should only declare war against a significant or critical threat to the American People & the Bill of Rights. When this is the case, the military needs to do everything in its tactical intellect to defeat the threat at the source.

The Libertarian Party does not necessarily need to push for unlimited warfare, in fact such warfare tends to be more often impulsive. Instead the LP should push for the US military to learn their style of warfare from nothing but Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War. The US military ought to base its exact strategies and tactics on the lessons they learn from Sun Tzu, even if some controversial tactics are required for defeating the initial aggressor at the source.

Trade, Migration & Travel

Libertarians have the policy pledges totally right on regards to trade. Roughly three-fifths of America according to NBC strongly support Free Trade, Freedom of Movement and Free Migration. The Libertarian Party needs to regard Free Trade, Right to Travel, Right to Life, Freedom of Choice and Right to Privacy as Ninth Amendment rights while calling Right to Security the Fourth Amendment right of every American Citizen, which is generally true.


Well I think I am done proposing reform to the LP platform for now. Thanks all for reading,



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