How Much Economic Regulation Does An Economy Truly Need?


Hey, readers! I know I have not posted here in forever but that’s mainly due to me writing for both this and as an author for The Libertarian Republic. So in essence I multitask on WordPress now. But that is not what this post is about, the title indicates.

This post is about the economic regulatory burden and how I would fix the problems it causes if I were US president or even just CT governor, being elected on the Libertarian Party ticket of course.

The Burden Sizes

I am not sure about the state by state regulatory burdens, but I do know the federal count stands at 87,282. Yes, this is focusing on the American economy and its 50 different state economies. I am guessing the least regulated states simply adopt federal regulatory burden, and that the most regulated ones have hundreds of thousands of regulations apiece.

How to Fix the US Economy and 50 State Economies

Individually, I say we abolish the entire regulatory burden and set up the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the entire regulatory burden. Why this document that would make for a burden of 8 pages with 30 regulations? Because…

  1. American government was founded to be a minimal state
  2. Minimal state means the regime only exists to enforce a cosmic law of human freedom, and to treat it as a requirement for a truly free-market economy
  3. Minimal state also means a very tiny government that acts either like a democracy or like a republic
  4. No economy on the planet needs thousands or even hundreds of limits to economic, societal, moral, political or cultural freedom.
  5. However every nation does need something as simple as this 8-page thing of 30 articles of freedoms to Secure Liberty.

Yes, if I were Connecticut state governor for example, I would replace the entire CT regulatory burden with just the UDHR alone. Plus I would invoke the 10th Amendment as my warrant to resist the 87,000+ federal regulations and to treat UDHR as the only regulation that matters.

Does this idea have flaws?

Why, yes it does. Some may argue I should be calling for the US Bill of Rights to be the entire regulatory burden instead of the UDHR. But who is to say which one to apply to the necessity we refer to as total free trade?

Perhaps I would invoke the 10th amendment to allow the Connecticut people to decide which document of individualism to replace the entire regulatory burden with, including to replace acknowledgement of federal regs with refusal to obey anything outside of.

Conclusion & Question

Thanks for reading this readers, and I hope you will at least notice my articles for The Libertarian Republic as better written than anything I post here.

One question though:

  1. Would my US readers rather replace the entire regulatory burden with the Bill of Rights or with the UDHR? Cut 87,282 regs down to 10 or cut 87,282 down to 30?

~Libertarian Defense Atheist


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