A New Guide to Libertarian Republicans And Libertarian Independents


As someone who aims to avoid New York Times except for when someone I know emails me a dinosaurs article that NYT did, I found this generally amusing interactive because of some change someone made to ‘libertarian Republican’ on Wikipedia.

I thought I would respond to this NYT interactive by doing a contrast between the Libertarian Party and the libertarian Republicans. I am basing these claims I am making on “Libertarian Porcupine” data from iSideWith while basing the “Libertarian Elephant” and the “Libertarian Human” data on Pew Research Center findings.


According to a 2011 survey of libertarians, 28% of US libertarians are Republicans and 63% are Independents. Based on how many are registered to vote as Libertarian according to Wikipedia; 2% of libertarians are within the LP.

Foreign Policy Divergence

Pulling data from a foreign policy survey of Americans in general, including Independents and GOP libertarians but not the LP, libertarian Republicans & libertarian Independents are similar but different on foreign policy. However they both vastly diverge from the LP platform in astronomical ways on foreign relations & battle tactics & defense strategy.

While 72% of the Libertarian Party acts like ISIS is a limited threat, 76% of libertarian Independents and 88% of libertarian Republicans say ISIS is a critical threat. And yes, I do have my own color-coding for what level of threat some tyrannical regime somewhere in the world is to the American People. Limited, Moderate, and Critical be colored green, amber and red, respectively.

And while 57% of the Libertarian Party pledges to dramatically the downsize the US military by 60%, libertarian Independents are massively against shrinking the military (71%) as are libertarian Republicans (84%).

Just as well, while 72% of the Libertarian Party disapproves of the US military campaign against ISIS, 66% of libertarian Republicans approve as do 57% of libertarian Independents.

Concerning the Arab-Israeli Conflict and the fact that the Arab League started it with Israel as the retaliatory side of the conflict, there are differences in who these liberty movement factions side with, remorsefully. An appalling 57% of the LP sides with the Arab League, but thankfully the libertarian Republicans and libertarian Independents side with Israel (65% and 52%, respectively).

Looking at honest friendships and stable alliances, 66% of the LP sees US membership of NATO as a bad thing, while 75% of libertarian Republicans and 78% of libertarian Independents say exactly the opposite.

Drones being the tools that they are, 60% of the LP opposes Drones while 88% of libertarian Republicans and 69% of libertarian Independents support Drones.

What’s the best approach to defeating Regimes Who Sponsor Terrorism? 56% of libertarian Republicans say overwhelming military force is the best way to defeat such regimes, libertarian Independents are almost evenly divided between those who agree and those who don’t, and the Libertarian Party overwhelmingly says no to this idea.


As you can tell, this is simply debunking NYT on the notion that libertarians are all just pacifistic isolationists. I just wanted to get this out there quickly. This is all I got on this topic, thanks readers!



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