Evan McMullin: Unelectable Nobody or Right Human for the Job of 45th President of America?


Okay, so – I just retook the iSideWith online quiz. And I refuse to vote for Gary Johnson as I wanted Austin Petersen to win the LP nomination, and as I put principle before party.

I think I may vote for this Independent, or in my residency of Cheshire CT “Unaffiliated”, by the name of Evan McMullin.

According to my results, I side with McMullin on 81% of the issues. And half the answers he plugged in for his official answers are totally his own words.


Yes, I am endorsing and voting for Evan McMullin, fellow Independent (as I am an Independent at heart), for President Of The United States. This is for the following reasons:

  1. He knows national security and military defense far better than any of the Partisan candidates ever will
  2. His take on the US military actually has legit Honor to it, i.e. he thankfully opposes downsizing the military
  3. Economically he wants to cut taxes and regulatory burden by majority percentages, same with government’s Non-defense budgets
  4. Academically Evan wishes to return educational sovereignty to being shared between parents, teachers & college ‘kids’ (actually Young Adults) where he & I agree it belongs
  5. Mr. McMullin knows exactly what America means to the world, and the unique role in keeping it away from risk of World Wars level conflict
  6. Pro-Military and Pro-Israel are two of the sentiments this Evan guy shares with me, the Pro-Israel thing being something I heavily applaud him for
  7. Obama Care is something Evan and I agree should be replaced with a free-market health care system where doctors and patients are the central components of the system
  8. Despite my vast opposition to fossil fuel, this Evan guy knows all to well the value of deregulating energy so the free market can allow the People to voluntarily switch to Green Energy as polling data proves most of us Americans want to do
  9. Government Accountability to Evan McMullin requires taking the US Bill of Rights and the rest of the Constitution around it to its puritanical form, and I very strongly agree
  10. He has the same Pro-Life Ethic Austin Petersen has, something I totally respect McMullin for as I respected Petersen for
  11. Working Opportunity and Private Charity are two things Evan and I can make common cause in supporting
  12. Concerning Free Trade, Evan knows all to well the necessity of America competing economically across the globe
  13. I may not fully agree with Evan on immigration but I can totally respect the economic side of where he comes from in his opinions on the immigration arena
  14. He personally can’t make sense of Gay Marriage but is so respectful of the liberty-driven obligation to not force his opinion onto others that he is okay with preserving the Summer 2015 national legalization of Gay Marriage
  15. He is also perfectly fine with gay married couples adopting and nurturing children despite his personal-level belief that spiritually straight married coupled are more able
  16. Like me Evan McMullin also seems to not care what women wear in terms of clothing, as long as they are not imposing their fashion senses onto other women. Such is mentally identical to how I feel about women wearing clothing I would choose never to wear if I was a woman.

So yes, knowing what I know from Austin Petersen about how being a libertarian means fiscally self-controlled and socially open-minded for the sake of limited government. And combining that with what I know about Evan McMullin’s opinions on most of the issues including foreign policy, social issues, economics, the Bill of Rights, etc; he seems very vastly to me like a fellow neolibertarian. Evan McMullin demonstrates all of the vital qualities of a neolibertarian like me:

  • Strongly Pro-military
  • Favors Ending Regimes who Sponsor Terrorism
  • Deeply Pro-Israel
  • Fiscally Self Controlled when managing civilizational finances
  • Socially Open Minded as in he’s totally okay with a permissive society whether his individual morality is or not
  • Free-Market minded on economic policy
  • Constitutionalist minded on government power and on Civil Liberties
  • Very into Economic Freedom & Personal Liberty across the domestic policy board
  • Treats Human Rights as the prerequisite to Peace in foreign policy


Anyone who thinks I am only endorsing and voting for McMullin because I suspect hes the same ideology as me needs to re-read this post. There is dramatically more to it than that. But for people who read in full all the reasons I am backing him as my final offer, thank you for reading this! And please – Vote For Evan McMullin! Unless you think someone else is the ‘right one’ for the job, which really – should we really elect someone with a Party Affiliation?

~Libertarian Defense Atheist!


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