Using the Skills I Learned At The Libertarian Republic On Libertarian Defense Atheism


Special Thanks to Josh Guckert of TLR for all his great help!

Skills I have learned there will make me better here

So I have learned various skills both literarily and philosophically from writing at The Libertarian Republic. And from what their editor-in-chief Josh Guckert told me, the skills I learned there are for writing in general.

What Exactly I Learned

I have learned the necessity of having four or more tags, I have learned about the obligation to never cite Wikipedia or any other Wiki on the planet, and I learned how important it is to be, in the realm of politics and religion, ideologically consistent. I also learned it is best to have twenty or fewer words to a sentence, and sentences should often have “transitional words”. Categorizing is something else I am going to be doing to author better than ever.

More stuff I learned include paraphrasing citation sources in my writings, nonfiction writings anyway. I am doing fiction writing as well, but put that aside.

Explaining what I mean by ideologically consistent requires me to give an example. As I favor an objective foreign policy of Self-Defense and Defense of others, I should never cite or link to Realist sources like Council on Foreign Relations. Instead I should be citing and linking to Objectivist sources like Ayn Rand Lexicon and Ayn Rand Institute.

And speaking of links I apparently need to always, always set links to open in New Tabs. Adding images is always something I should always do, and having people in images is always best.

Lastly I shall point out that a legit sized essay that get people’s undivided attention is to be between 300 and 600 words.

How You’ll See me posting here as result

The results of Mr. Guckert’s excellent mentoring will be as follows.

  • You’ll never see links to Wikipedia again
  • You’ll never see me ramble for 2000+ words again
  • You’ll always see links open in new tabs from now on
  • You’ll always see me try to keep sentences exactly 20 words apiece from now on
  • You’ll see all of this authoring quality from me on WordPress in blogs I own that have nothing to do with politics as well.
  • On those websites you will see me say stuff that is consistent with my fact-findings or my opinions depending on what the topic of the secondary WordPress blog is.
  • You’ll never have to worry about me going into run-on sentences again


I will see to it there is no difference between my authoring professionalism here and my authoring professionalism on the place I learned my new professionalism from. Thanks everyone, especially Mr. Guckert,



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