Why I Am No Longer Contributing To The Libertarian Republic


I’m no George Washington, but I’m declaring Independence from a larger entity.

Farewell Address From LDA to TLR

I, Kyle Perkins, am quitting my routine of posting to the news site The Libertarian Republic. I have been improving myself more and more, often with advice from their Editor-In-Chief. Here, I will do my best to explain why I am giving up on The Libertarian Republic.

What Made Me Draft Something

Yesterday, on the 15-year anniversary day of the September 11th Attacks, I thought about a newspaper I walked in on during September 9th of this year. In my workplace’s break room this was, and I was about to clock out and pack to go home. As I was saying, I walked in on a newspaper that had an article I wanted to do commentary on.

The story was about the recovery of an American Flag whose home was Ground Zero, recovered 3,000 miles away in Washington State. This felt like a commentary story I could do for September 11th of 2016. So I private message the Editor In Chief about it and mentioned I also wanted to cover and link to facts about how and why 9/11 happened, and he said that’d be good for Sunday.

My Deeply Flawed First Draft

So I went right to work on my first draft, and in the first time since seven articles, I set links to open in new tabs on my own. But the problems were I had two Wikipedia links and also I was not linking to anything legit that would properly back up what I was saying.

These I agree are problems as one should never link to Wikipedia, hence I will never do it again here or in any of my secondary WordPress journals. In addition, having substance to what one says in an authoring piece requires the author to paraphrase their source material and then cite it. Or in the case of WordPress and other blog powering outlets, paraphrase and then link to it.

Fixing the Flaws

So I evicted both Wikipedia links and linked thoughtfully to the context of the article, and what facts I know related to it. Specifically I linked to a very truthful Ayn Rand Institute article that is directly related to part of what I was writing about. I modified part of the draft to talk about the attackers’ motivation. That motivation was and is to impose their puritanical idea of Koranic Law onto the entire globe, by using force.

And so I made my article draft make full sense, complied with all the writing guidance I was given.

Then my article for September 11th 2016 got ignored. The authoring was never published, despite my fixing of the errors.


Learning the skills and constantly improving myself over there at The Libertarian Republic was fun while it lasted. But now they have avoided voicing me in a severe enough way to leave me no option but to quit.

I wish there was a way I could convince them to publish it, but firstly it’s currently one day too late. And secondly, this is an draft that differs from my draft about Israel in that it contains no contradictions to the authoring guidelines that were mentored into me. Because that draft of mine is actually very deeply flawed by TLR standards and they have those reasons.

Thank you readers for understanding why I am avoiding The Libertarian Republic from now on. It is simply time for me to move on to being my own set of online magazines, independently from any bigger network.



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