Reasons Every Non-religious American Should Vote For Evan McMullin


He is a religious person himself, but what matters is he’ll defend our right to be Secular Morality types ourselves.

Atheists & Deists in America need to vote for Evan McMullin, here is why that is

Welcome to an article explaining in detail why atheists like me should get together with other Non-religious, like deists, behind Evan McMullin.

Evan Wants to Defend the Rights Of Opinions He Personally Disagrees With

He may be a Mormon on a personal level, but he recently went on iSideWith candidate guide and directly clarified his positions, very often in his own words.

One example of a liberty he disagrees with but he will defend anyway is the Summer 2015 national legalization of gay marriage. He even believes, despite thinking children are best raised by one father and one mother, that every parent – LGBT or not – has the empathy to nurture and defend and raise their children. As a result if McMullin is president he will allow LGBT coupled to adopt children.

These are presidential commitments that polling from 2012 says will reside overwhelmingly well with Atheists and other Non-religious.

Evan Wants to Defend Atheists and Deists and others Across the Globe

This begins with his pledge to stand with Israel, a free society that is two-thirds Atheist. Evan also aspires to end the Iranian government for its violations of the Iran deal, an action that will easily set Iranian atheists and Iranian deists free.

He understands the role model America is supposed to be as of 1945 to all of its fellow Western countries, meaning all of its fellow free societies. He knows all too well America’s Purpose in the World is to protect our current and 71 year old global order of free trade and diplomatic friendship from the possibility of a Third World War.

Such aspirations will benefit atheists and deists and all manner of other secular morality types. Free trade is what liberated most of the world from monarchy during the 19th century. Free trade is almost all of how exponents of Thomas Jefferson’s ‘Empire of Liberty‘ during the 19th century made America fulfill its spreading of freedom across the globe.

Evan, like slightly over half of Irreligious, wants small government with few services

Polling from 2012 indicates that 50% of irreligious want small government with few services, and only two-fifths replace God with Government. As such, the Irreligion community will more often benefit under a McMullin presidency.

Evan’s platform includes Restoring government accountability for corrupt behaviors; returning educational power to parents, teachers, and in the case of college level education students; and respecting the right of Americans to defend themselves while keeping weapons out of corrupt hands.

Another relevant thing to limited government that is in the McMullin platform is his desire to modernize healthcare by replacing government mandates with creativity and competition.


I sincerely hope I have made a legit case to my fellow Secular moralists about why anyone of secular morality should vote Evan McMullin in November 8th of 2016. I know as an atheist of secular morality myself I am voting for him that day. Thanks everyone for reading this,

~Kyle P


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