Finest Examples I Can Name Of Americans’ Ninth Amendment Rights



Bro, can you even Constitution?

Ninth Amendment Rights Are Often Ignored

Let me begin by saying that the entire US Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, was authored mainly and overwhelmingly by James Madison. Hence he gets called the father of the American Constitution.

I may be turning only 23 on May 6th of next year (2017) but that does not stop me from being way too nerdy to not know the moral necessity of the Ninth Amendment.

Text of Ninth Amendment


Exactly how this thing is supposed to be viewed!

Meaning of the Ninth Amendment

The Ninth Amendment is supposed to be the means by which people retain both economic freedoms and unlisted personal liberties. Unlisted meaning personal liberties that do not appear anywhere in the constitution.

Historically James Madison and other Federalists had huge debate with Anti-federalists about whether to have a Ninth Amendment or to have countless other Amendments after the eights.

Coherent List of Ninth Amendment Rights

  1. Right to Profit
  2. Right to Work
  3. Right to Buy & Sell
  4. Freedom of Movement
  5. Bodily Integrity
  6. Right to Life
  7. Freedom of Choice
    • Freedom of Food
    • Freedom of Clothing
  8. Freedom of the Seas
  9. Right to Keep Marriage Private*
  10. Right to Free Enterprise
  11. Right to do Charity
  12. Right to Vote*
  13. Right to Lobby*
  14. Right to Donate to Science

And that’s my list of examples of Ninth Amendment rights. And I did indeed put stars next to the ones that could technically be additionally, or alternatively, First Amendment Rights. But the majority of these are ones that one ought to invoke the Ninth Amendment in direct defense of.

Yes I did indeed throw in economic freedom elements into the Ninth Amendment and underline them. That’s me signaling I would like to see all economic regulations, the entire regulatory burden, with a single document that’s just a few pages long listing these rights and the duties of work ethic and equality of opportunity. Very simple, light-as-a-feather regulatory burden


This is really all I got. Just wanted to get something intellectually crafty out there on the inter webs about the Ninth Amendment. Thank you readers,



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