Non-interventionist Foreign Policy Is Unconstitutional Altruism, so my fellow Libertarians Should Oppose It.


I’m pretty sure the guys driving these tanks want to conduct some middle ground defensive posture. And aren’t libertarians mostly middle ground Independents as well?

To Know Anything of Earth, Libertarians Need to Turn Away From Non-Interventionism And Towards Defensive Posture

What does the ‘Small-R-republican’ libertarian I am refer to when I say ‘defensive posture’? I refer to something called The Constitutional Duty To Defend Americans.

To make sense of the world around them, libertarians need to be advocating a foreign and defense policy of the government only serving to enforce basic human rights. Libertarians need to join me in favoring a foreign and defense policy of Self-Defense and Defense of Others based on ethical egoism. Constitutionally this means libertarians should be calling for a foreign policy of Providing for the Common Defense.

Constitutional Egoism

Something I as a libertarian propose to other libertarians is a foreign policy of ‘constitutional egoism’. This I define as; a policy of using one’s constitution as a nation’s sense of right & wrong in egotistically pursuing national self-interest.

And for the USA what’s so great about constitutional egoist foreign policy is our constitution is built exclusively on civil liberty and small government, as core values of the national populace. Clause Ten of Article One Section Eight, or Power 10 of the Legislative Branch, is something fairly interesting, at least to me.

Power 10 for the Legislative Branch is the power to enforce the laws of the Sea and the “Law of Nations”. I am lead to believe that being a Libertarian means believing people should be allowed to do and say what they want without any aggression by any authority. I therefore say that non-interventionism as nothing to do with what a libertarian is. In fact, I bring up Clause Ten of the Legislative Branch’s power-list because there’s a part of modern Law Of Nations that should be the only part libertarians care about. This part is known as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and is basically the global equivalent to the US Bill of Rights.

However, across the 19th century, the Legislative has been exerting this power almost entirely by making free trade easier, long before the UDHR was invented.

This is because we have this document in the United States called the Declaration of Independence, which says that all humans need basic human rights, and government should only have the power to enforce basic human rights.

How Constitutional Egoism makes for pragmatic Defensive Posturing

Jeffersonian libertarians, such as the libertarian faction of the Republican Party, routinely advocate purist loyalty to the US Constitution. As a Jeffersonian libertarian myself, I believe there are many ways to make puritanical constitutionalism a pragmatic policy.

One of those ways is to make the US Bill of Rights as written by James Madison a central theme. Another is to emphasize free trade, freedom of movement, and freedom of the seas as far superior security insurance to war. But in a way that realizes Defensive war is always the only resort in addressing foreign Aggression.

Easily, America should only militarily intervene for Self-Defense or Defense of Others. And when it does, it needs to show the same ruthless, passionate dedication to defeating the Initial Aggressor it showed in the Revolutionary, Barbary, and Civil Wars and in World War II.

Raegan’s and Clinton’s Containment, Bush’s Democracy Promotion and Obama’s Building schools & hospitals & food courts in enemy land; embolden foreign aggressors and therefore violate our own Constitutional job of Common Defense.


I’ll make another case against non-interventionism per week, starting next week. Thanks readers,



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