What Is The Point of A Republic?


This portrait of Thomas Jefferson, who knew the necessity of a republic, is also the front cover of the novel I’m currently reading: Emperor of Liberty.

Republics Often Don’t Get Credit Where Credit Is Due

Republicanism in its original form has nothing to do with the modern US Republican Party. As a matter a fact, a republic is a government that’s made of elected representatives including an elected president or elected chancellor.

The idea of a republic was first thought up in vast opposition to monarchy across Europe by the West’s first libertarian activists in the 17th Century.

Proper libertarians first gained their rise to prominence by monstrously purging the UK of despotic Monarchy via the Glorious Revolution in 1688. Why do I summarize that event this way? Because the fact of humanity is about Permissive society, Republic, Minarchism, Free market, all these things I am a hardcore libertarian for holding dear. They’ve only become the norm where the laissez-faire republic types launched ruthless Civil Revolts.

What Is The Purpose of a Republic?

Looking over to the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson, and the Constitution by James Madison, it is pretty clear what the purpose of a republic is. The purpose of a republic is to provide for the Common Defense of its people, and also to assert that all humans are equally entitled to economic freedom and to personal liberty.

So to be frank, the purpose of a republic is not to steal money from the active and donate it to the lazy. It’s not to shower poor countries with food and fluid as they are having famines. It’s not to forcibly change monarchies into republics unless a monarchy aggressively provokes a republic into defensive war. And it’s absolutely not to keep Regressive Left types feeling good through safe spaces and tigger warnings. And no, I do not care that they’re actually called trigger warnings.

Bottom line, the morally correct kind of government is a republic, and the duties of a republic are to provide for the common defense for its people. And to assert that all humans are equally entitled to economic freedom and to civil liberties.

Self Defense And Defense Of Others?

I have elaborated on Constitutional Egoist foreign policy some time ago, so the purpose of a republic can be summarized with the phrase ‘self defense and defense of others’. The whole reason any republic exists is to defend humans from despotic aggression.


Republics are the best kind of government, and anarchy is no alternative. Libertarians often get wrongly confused with Anarchists, but the reality is ‘libertarian regime’ is a realistic phrase, and it’s inherently synonymous with ‘republic’.

But anyhow, thanks readers for reading,



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