Libertarian Independent and how it differs from being Libertarian Party


I have abandoned the Libertarian Party and all parties with what I call myself.

Independent libertarians are similar to but different from the Libertarian Party.

I have never done an entry to sound like an encyclopedia before. But here is something I can be legit an expert on, as a former LP guy turned libertarian Independent.

Define: Libertarian Independent

  • A libertarian Independent is a voter in the US or elsewhere in the West who supports civil liberty, rule of law, free market, freedom of expression, political freedom, and republic while refusing to ever associate with any political party.

Pew Research Center did a survey of Americans in 2011 and found that 63% of libertarians in America are Independents. Three years later, the same think tank found that 14% of Independents are libertarians.

Libertarian Independent Foreign Policy

There’s something I have found in a 2016 survey of the American People on America’s role in the world. Contrasting it with the US Libertarian Party platform, I find libertarian Independents to be vastly different from Libertarian Partiers on foreign policy.

The only view in common seems to be a mutual preference of free trade, freedom of the seas and freedom of movement over warfare in terms of securing liberty.

While Libertarian Partiers act like US military power prevents world peace, libertarian Independents side slightly with accepting that US military power promotes world peace.

Libertarian Partiers pledge to drastically downsize the US military’s budget while libertarian Independents side substantially with saying ‘absolutely not‘ to military spending cuts.

The US Libertarian Party tried to pressure Rand Paul to rethink his February 2016 stance on US military action against ISIS. This is as libertarian Independents side moderately with endorsing US military action against ISIS. Plus the LP thinks that using overwhelming defensive war to defeat State-Sponsored Terrorism creates more State Sponsoring of Terrorism. Contrast that with libertarian Independents, who are evenly divided on the issue of whether defensive war stops or grows State Sponsored Terrorism.

Most libertarian Independents side with Israel against the Arab league in the Arab-Israeli Conflict. But the Libertarian Party blames US friendship with Israel for the aggression of the Arab League regimes.

Lastly the Libertarian Party favors total abandonment of NATO while libertarian Independents overwhelmingly favor the US military alliances via NATO.

Similarities List

Libertarian Independents tend to be similar to the LP on a domestic policy level, both on economics and on social issues.

According to the 2014 survey, libertarian Independents mostly agree with the LP on limiting merchant regulation, emboldening merchant profits, and ending social welfare.

The 2014 survey also finds libertarian Independents mostly agree with the LP on requiring warrants for police searches, legalizing gay rights, and legalizing marijuana.

Concerning privacy, libertarian Independents enormously agree with the LP on favoring privacy in the question of NSA surveillance.


Philosophically I am indeed a libertarian Independent. So I look forward to changing my party affiliation to Independent, known in my town of Cheshire CT as ‘Unaffiliated’. Thanks readers,



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