Properly American Style And Purpose of the Federal, State & City Governments


Yeah, I don’t think any of the Founders had any interest in spying on everyday America.

Government has both a purpose and a style to fulfill

Yes, I am still a libertarian, that simply means I favor a free-market, small-government, secular-humanist republic. And a republic is government by elected individuals who abide by the rule of law. And I am going to show you exactly how the style of American government in general is supposed to be a constitutional secular humanist republic. But I will also cite evidence of the purpose of America’s constitutional secular humanist republic, which is to provide defense and to hold all of humanity to the same moral standard.

Style of Government

Libertarians must examine, in deciding what American foreign policy and domestic policy should be, what the style of American government is to be.

According to James Madison, and citing the Constitution as evidence, American government in general is set to be a republic, as are the state and city governments. Article Four Section Four is what says this claim about this country.

Concerning my claim about secular humanism, there are two elements of evidence to support that claim. The first is Article Six of the Constitution which forbids making organized religion a qualification for public office.

The second element is something Thomas Jefferson said, with influence from Thomas Paine. As a deist, Jefferson despised clerics and said that “America is on no account a Christian nation.”

Role of Government

The purpose and role of government in America is, according to the constitutional Preamble, to provide for the common defense of people.

Just as well, the Declaration of Independence establishes legal equality for humanity, and entitled it to free trade and to freedom from slavery. See this very simple source here.

Misuse of Government

Let us list what US government is not supposed to be.

  1. It’s not to be a Judeo-Christian theocracy
  2. It’s not to be the corporatist nonsense it currently is
  3. It’s not to be the Alt-right absurdity Donald Trump might make into
  4. It’s not to be the democratic socialism like Bernie Sanders wants it to be
  5. It’s not to be any kind of power-hungry empire thing like Clinton, Obama and both Bushes make it to be
  6. It’s not to be the sort of porcupine-defense republic Ron Paul and the LP want it to be

It is supposed to be a constitutional, secular humanist republic that militarily provides for common defense and diplomatically stands for all humans to have free markets and civil liberties.

Which leads us right into what government is not to do.

  1. It’s not to force democracy on all foreign countries everywhere
  2. It’s not to dump free food on countries who are having famines
  3. It’s not to bribe foreign governments to behave a certain way
  4. It’s not to build schools and holy temples such as churches or mosques on foreign soil
  5. It’s not to force Judaism, Christianity or other organized religion onto atheists and deists like with Creationism and with Abstinence-Only Poisons

It is supposed to provide for common defense while advocating for all humans to have free markets and have civil liberties.


I think I have clarified to the world what the style and role of US government is supposed to be, lawfully. Thanks for the read, readers;



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