Why I Am A “Market Liberal” On Social Issues


Every one of the Founders, if here today, would espouse market liberalism on social issues to.

Being a Market Liberal is in every way a superior take on social issues vs being a Christian Conservative, I say

From what I can gather, I take it most Americans are market liberals on social issues but have no idea what the difference is between that and a social liberal. But what is that difference?

  • Market Liberal: Aka classical liberal; person who unconditionally endorses personal and political freedoms and wants a republic with rule of law and gives priority the economic freedoms of laissez-faire.
  • Social Liberal: Person who wants to balance individual freedom with social equality, and thinks government should have a role in addressing social issues.

So now I am going to explain why I am a market liberal and what that means to me.

Why I Espouse Market Liberalism

My reasoning for taking in market liberalism as my social issues philosophy consists of diverse motives, every one of them liberty-focused.

The first reason is because it is more appealing to an Atheist like me than Christian Conservatism is. It truly has room for the facts of life we know as evolutionary biology, climate change science, and the sciences one learns from comprehensive sex ed.

Just as well, every single one of the Founding Fathers of America espoused Market Liberalism not just on the social issues of their day but also in domestic policy arenas in general. The very huge majority of them, especially Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, were Deists, with a few Christians and a few Atheists here and there.

Reason number two is because social liberalism allows for far quicker corruption by far-left progressivism than market liberalism allows for. Market liberalism in fact prevents corruption by the far left.

What Market Liberalism Means to me

At least to me, market liberalism on social issues means keeping the government our of social issues and letting the free market determine social issues according to the laws of supply and demand.

Supply And Demand, if you don’t already know, is the following simple laws, as I explain with a screen cap.


I took this of a website that has way too many ads but at least has this intellectually honest breakdown.

Lengthy but Excellent article on this topic here.

How about we use gay marriage as an example. Marriages of every kind would have been both privately owned and legal if government stayed true to the Founders instead of betraying them to outside influence.

According to polls gay marriages would have been getting more affordable as time went forward because there was more demand over time, and supply as far as I can tell was never changed.

On abortion, public opinion seems to indicate that there is slightly low demand and the supply seems to be the same as was. Therefore I predict abortions would not exactly be affordable under market liberalism. This is me, a guy who strongly opposes tax dollar funding of abortion, calculating this.

Here in the modern age, evolutionary biology appears to be far greater in supply and in demand than creationism. So thankfully evolutionary biology would be a lot more affordable to promote than creationism had government stayed true to the Founders instead of betraying them once the last of them passed away.


I can go on with forever more examples of the primacy of market liberalism, but I think I shall stop right just here. Thank you all readers,



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